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How to Apply and Check Social Security Disability Status

by Megan Roth5 min read
Apply and check you social security disability status

Social Security benefits are in place to help individuals during their retirement age, and those who have been disabled and can no longer work. If you are still within your productive years but has been sidelined by an injury or disability, then the best option for you to apply for Social Security disability benefits. Just like other federal aids and grants, then disability benefits are subject to certain conditions and procedures. Under the rules, it’s recommended that you apply for Social Security disability status as soon as you become disabled and can no longer work. If you have applied for a disability benefit, the the release of the benefit will start on the sixth month after the official reporting. Now, if the application is for the Supplementary Security Income (SSI), the payment of the benefit will start a month after the filing of the application, or at a time that you are qualified to receive such benefit.


how do you update your Social Security disability status
Know how to update your Social Security disability status


Applying for a Social Security disability status

It pays to act fast when one wants to enjoy the benefits that come with a Social Security disability status. The fastest and most convenient way to file for disability is through the official website of the agency, or the application can be facilitated by calling 1-800-772-1213. Once the call has been received by the agency, a representative will then prepare an appointment to process the application which can be done in the nearest Social Security office. For individuals who have a hard time listening, the agency also provides a specific toll-free number, at specific times of the week. An alternative option is to personally visit the local SSA office to get more information.



Learn how to follow-up on the application

Once you have submitted the application for possible benefits, it’s best that you constantly update your application. As a responsible applicant, you may want to regularly check on the Social Security disability status. This should give you enough room and flexibility to act in case the application has hit a rough spot. This should also give you enough time to respond to requests for additional evidences or documentation that can help back the claim. During the initial application stage, what you can do is to call the local SSA office, contact the disability examiner that is working on your application or you can visit the official website of the agency.


Remember that once the disability application has been submitted to the Disability Determination Services or DDS, a special claims examiner shall work on the application. You will know that the application is on-going and on active file when a representative from the office calls you, and the official paperwork has been received. It is important that you know the person who has been assigned to work on your disability application or case. If you are clueless on how the process will move or you are unaware as to who is the person assigned, you can always call the local SSA office in your area to get more information.