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By Melanie Tyler

By Melanie Tyler

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16 July 2024

With New Reform, Life Insurance Rates are Dropping Dramatically in 2018 and Americans are Savings Thousands

US residents are now eligible for life insurance at rock bottom rates


Life insurance rates are dropping due to a new reform adopted by multiple states across the US, saving Americans thousands of dollars. This new framework takes into account new measures for determining rates allowing insurance companies to cut rates for eligible Americans.


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Longer Life Expectancy Means Lower Premiums

One reason life insurance rates are going down is because life expectancy is going up. In a nutshell, people are living longer. This means they will pay into life insurance for a longer period before the family must file a claim. Since insurance companies have longer to get the funds they need from the premium, they can spread it over a longer time, which means monthly premiums are lower.


New Formula Leads to Lower Rates

For many years, the life insurance industry used a standardized formula for determining rates which resulted in higher than necessary fund reserves. The new method is a principle-based system which means that fund reserves can be reduced, which leads to lower insurance rates.


“Tens of thousands of eligible Americans are now benefiting from cheap life insurance”


Getting Affordable Life Insurance

Your individual rate will depend on your age and health and certain lifestyle habits. However, a trend towards lower insurance rates will be beneficial for most people who are considering purchasing a policy. If you’ve never felt you could afford a policy, now might be a good time to get a quote and provide the protection for your family in case something should happen to you.


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