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Melanie Tyler

Melanie Tyler

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20 June 2024

Healthy Americans Are Jumping on This New Program Which Saves Thousands on Life Insurance

This new savings program has never been seen before in our country's history

A new type of insurance is being adopted by people who care about their health. Studies show that people who live healthy and know what’s good for their bodies, live longer. Do you eat vegetables? Great. Do you exercise? Even better. Are you a non-smoker? Keep it that way.


Save Money Over Regular Rates

Using your health knowledge and habits will save money on your monthly premiums. You could save thousands of dollars over the life of your policy with this method.


People who are making smart decisions about their health now are being rewarded. Gone are the days of paying higher rates to balance out those who don’t take care of themselves. It’s a custom life insurance plan based on your lifestyle choices.


For example, most life insurance policies ask applicants if they smoke. But there are many other health habits that aren’t taken into account. A non-smoking person may overeat, fail to exercise or not get enough sleep. All terrible habits that can lead to health issues in the future. Policies didn’t even take this into account and only asked about medical problems. 


Healthy People Live Longer

Studies show that people who make good health decisions live longer. They have a lower risk for many of the common medical conditions that lead to an early death. This includes diabetes, certain types of cancer, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

With longer lifespans comes lower premiums. Life insurance companies must estimate how long you’ll live to determine rates. A healthy person is less likely to die from health issues. This means their insurance premiums should be lower.


A New Kind of Life Insurance Product

When you use science to determine life expectancy based on health, a new life insurance product is created. This product doesn’t only take into account the person’s current health status. It projects what their health will be like in 10 or 20 years.


Studies have shown that people with a higher health IQ have healthier lifestyles. They know the right things to do and are doing them. They eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise and stay away from negative behaviors. These people have a lower rate of disease and obesity.


Healthy people are rewarded for their dedication instead of paying the same rate as unhealthy individuals. The goal behind this product is to ensure that your premiums reflect your true risk for early death. It also gives people who have made changes in their lifestyle a chance to get lower rates even if they didn’t start out healthy.


This concept is new in the life insurance industry. But, it’s a trend that is sure to catch on as more people capitalize on the healthy choices they’re making. It will encourage others to begin taking their health more seriously so they can benefit as well. In the end, lower insurance premiums and a healthier life are two good reasons to consider this type of life insurance product.


Eligibility for cheaper life insurance varies on a number of factors such as your age group. Over 65,144 people have already checked and saved thousands on life insurance for healthy people. It takes less than one minute to answer a few basic questions.


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