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Best Personal Loans Online

by Ryan Kinnar5 min read
Personal Loans

Personal loans can help you out when you need a little extra money until next payday or when you need to purchase something you can’t quite afford yet. You can use personal loans to pay off bills, make a purchase, take a vacation or do many other things. With a personal loan, you don’t need any collateral. Instead, the lender approves the application based on your income from a stable job and credit rating. There are several options for personal loans on the internet, and here are a few of the best.


Here’s a list of the best personal loans we found online:


Blue Trust Loans

Blue Trust Loans

Blue Trust Loans is a company that provides up to $2000 into a bank account as soon as the following business day. The higher amounts are for members of Club Blue. They also enjoy lower fees as well as longer terms for their loans. The APR can range from 472 percent to 842 percent, depending on how long the loan is set for and other factors. First-time borrowers may qualify for up to $1000. Many of the applications receive a call within five minutes during normal business hours. Apply for a loan at Blue Trust Loans




Cash Net USA is another online site that provides short-term loans for up to $500 or for as little as $100. Rather than providing the money directly, the site connects you with lenders who work with customers with similar situations. You can apply through the online application or over the phone. The company does not do credit checks, but another lender might perform one. The fees for this loan will depend on the lender chosen for the applicant. You are never under any obligation even when a lender is matched to your application. It is only after you sign the agreement and receive the funds that you are bound by the loan. Apply for a loan at CashNet


This site is designed for people who need more money than just a small loan. provides funds up to $35,000 for people who are approved. Once a person fills out an application, they are paired with a lender. They can receive their money as quickly as the next business day. The borrower has up to 72 months to pay off the loan with an APR from 5.99 percent to 35.99 percent. Anyone can apply with no obligation to find out if they are approved.  Apply for a loan at





This is another personal loan company that offers more reasonable rates with loans starting at 5.49 percent up to 14.24 percent. To get the best rates, you must sign up for Auto Pay. There are no origination fees, and you can borrow up to $100,000. Minimum loan request is for $5000, so this site is designed for those who have major needs. The lender will suspend payments temporarily for those borrowers who lose their jobs. Terms for the loan can be up to seven years and applicants receive instant pre-approval. Apply for a loan at SoFi


As you can see, the personal loan lender is highly competitive online. You can find numerous sites offering you money, but you must compare terms and fees. These five sites are some of the most reputable around, but you should be aware of the costs and requirements of any loan you accept. Check the repayment terms and find out the monthly payment amount to ensure you can afford the loan before you accept it.



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