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Benefits for People with Short Term Disability Social Security

by Mark Sander5 min read
short term disability social security

Many ask about short term disability benefits. Many believe that short term disability social security are one and the same. A quick answer is, they are not. They are actually two separate programs you can avail of.

Read on to find out more.


The Difference Between Short Term Disabiity Social Security Benefit Programs

Short term disability social security are two separate Federal programs. Individuals or their family members who suffer from medical conditions and meet specified criteria can avail of these benefit programs.

The difference is the projected length of time the medical condition may affect an individual.  



Short Term Disability Insurance

Temporary medical conditions are covered by short-term disability insurance. Duration of claims payment options range from three months, six months, twelve months and up.

The government has mandated programs according to how long these conditions last.

If your temporary medical condition prevents you from accomplishing your primary full-time job, you meet eligibility requirements. You may apply for claims even if you can stilll work at say your part-time job.

In most cases, short-term conditions resolve themselves long before the Social Security Disability can be applied for.

Short-term disability benefits are only offered in five states, namely:

  • Hawaii
  • California
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Rhode Island.


The coverage is offered by the state, funded by an employer and can also be purchased. There are certain criterias to meet if you want to avail of this program, such as:

  • employment duration at primary full-time occupation
  • minimum income requirement,
  • disability must last for at least one week,
  • medical condition should not be work related.


Claimant is expected to present medical documentation of his or her illness or injury. The amount is around 60% of the applicant’s wage and can be received as early as eight days upon application.

Applicants can only receive benefits for a maximum of 26 to 30 weeks or 52 weeks if in California.


Short Term Disability Social Security Insurance

In simple tems, we can say that the Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI pays benefits an individual or certain members of his or her family if they are ‘insured’ or have worked long enough and pay Social Security taxes.

This federal government program is administered through states. It provides income support through two separate programs,

Medical condition and occupation definitions are very important in SSDI. It only covers permanent medical conditions that lasts for a year or more or results in death.

Social Security does not pay for temporary medical conditions.


Can You Claim from Both Programs the Same Time?

These two programs are separate. You cannot buy the policy for short-term through Social Security.

Short-term disability and SSDI claims have requirements and criteria you must be eligible for. The latter is more strict involved however, especially in the medical condition and occupation definition.

You may collect from both short-term disability and Social Security at the same time. However, the time frame the two programs overlap is usually very short.

Our recommendation is to check out integration rules online that may apply to you circumstances. You should also know where to go in order to apply for benefits.