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Social Security Disability Application Form

by Pragati Suman5 min read
Social Security Disability Application Form

To be able to receive Social Security disability benefits, you must apply for it and fill out and submit the official form. The social security disability application form can be found online. You can easily download and print the form or you can also fill it out online and do an online submission.


The process only takes around 10 to 30 minutes. If you cannot complete the application in one sitting, you may save your application and pause it, then return to it at a time that is convenient to you.


How to Fill Out the Social Security Disability Application Form?

The Social Security disability application form will present you with a set of questions and ask for your personal information. Answer all the questions and make sure that the information you provide is accurate and is up to date.


When you are sure that everything is correct, you must sign the electronic document electronically. Applicants are required to sign in order to verify the validity of the information they provide under penalty of perjury. Only the person applying for Social Security disability benefits is allowed to sign, even if someone else is helping them fill out the application.


At the end of the document, you will find a list of documents that you are required to submit in order to be approved for the benefits. The Social Security Administration or SSA will use these documents along with your Social Security disability application form to assess your disability and decide if you are qualified to receive Social Security disability benefits. This is how the SSA will assess and decide on your application – Your condition must meet the SSA’s definition of disability, found here –

You will then have to provide your Social Security number. Be careful with important documents such as foreign birth certificate because they are costly to replace.


Online Disability Report

Once you have signed your documents electronically and completed the Social Security disability application form, you will have to fill out the adult online disability report.




This report consists of several sections including your medical background, your work and education information, and a space for remarks, among others.


Take your time to complete this report and make sure that your information is accurate. You can leave it if you are unable to complete the report in one sitting. You will be provided a code or re-entry number if you wish to save your progress and return to it at a later time.


For those who fall under special situations, other set of documents may be required. These are some of the examples of what may be considered as a special situation –


Once you complete all the forms and provided all necessary information, you will be asked to authorize the disclosure of your information to the SSA in order for them to review your application. Wait for a response and proceed with the next steps once you are approved which can be found here –