If you are suffering from a physical or mental disability you may qualify for monthly payments worth up to $33,456 in 2018 from Social Security Disability programs. Over 12 million Americans rely on Social Security Disability benefits every single month.


Eligibility varies on a number of factors such as your age group. Over 175,919 people have already checked if they are eligible, and it takes less than one minute to answer a few basic questions.


You can run an eligibility check for disability payments by selecting your age group:


Qualifying for Disability Benefits

Many medical conditions qualify for disability coverage. Disability benefits qualification depends on many factors such as how the condition impacts your ability to work.


Two Major Disability Benefits Programs

SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is part of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act which provides regular benefits to people who have worked and paid into Social Security to qualify. SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is the second federal program for disabled people. This program covers those who have not worked and paid into Social Security. 


The Application Process

Receiving disability benefits can be a complex process. However, if you know and understand the process, and work with someone who has experience, you may be able to move along at a faster rate. You will need to submit an initial application with all the required documents. If you are denied, you may request for reconsideration by a second reviewer. If you are once again denied, you may request an administrative hearing in front of a judge who will provide the final decision.


Getting Approved

It is often advisable to get assistance from the very beginning, you will have a better chance at being approved with the initial application. An experienced professional can help you with the whole application process and make sure you get what you’re entitled to.


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