By Melanie Tyler

By Melanie Tyler

Mark Barney - Venice, CAMark Barney - Venice, CA
"I was in car accident two years ago and got $12,118 in compensation"
Barbara Wilkinson - Miami, FLBarbara Wilkinson - Miami, FL
"In 2017 I had an injury that affected me for a few months and got $27,833 worth of compensation"
Dwight Bell - Chicago, ILDwight Bell - Chicago, IL
"I recently had an accident with my car and I'm about to receive over $20K in damages."
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18 July 2018

Injured in an Auto Accident? You Should Check If You Qualify For Full Compensation

Injuries from car accidents can result in compensation reaching tens of thousands of dollars

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you may qualify for full compensationThis compensation can reach tens of thousands of dollars and may be awarded due to lost wages, damages such as pain & suffering, emotional distress, long-term effects and medical expenses. You may even be able to get punitive damages, which are designed to punish the other driver for his or her action.


Eligibility varies on a number of factors such as when the accident occured. Over 75,919 people have already checked if they are eligible for full compensation, and it takes less than one minute to answer a few basic questions.


You can run an eligibility check for auto accident compensation by selecting what year the accident occurred:


Determining Your Compensation Level

When assessing the amount you will receive as compensation, three areas are usually taken into account:

  • The damage caused to property during the accident – may include repairs or the full cost of the vehicle


  • Compensation for auto accident injuries – may include medical expenses and wage loss


  • Compensation for pain and suffering – the more severe the injury, the greater the compensation


Maximize Your Compensation

As you can see, dealing with the effects of a car accident can be complicated. There are a lot of factors to consider and determining compensation can be challenging. An attorney can help you determine how much you are entitled to in damages and maximize your compensation. The attorney can also handle the case from the beginning so you can concentrate on getting well. The lawyer will talk to creditors and claims adjusters about the case, and can take care of negotiations on your behalf if the case goes onto litigation.


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Over 75,919 people found that they deserve injury compensation

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