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How to Win the Social Security Disability Hearing

by Megan Roth5 min read
social security disability hearing

What does it take to prove to the SSA that you are disabled and in need of supplementary income or income replacement?

Every disabled work wants to know how to win the Social Security Disability Hearing. It does take a year to be scheduled for a hearing. Use the waiting time as a time to prepare everything needed.

Basically, that’s how to win the Social Security Disability Hearing. Preparedness.

Let’s get into the details.


The Social Security Disability Hearing

At the hearing stage alone, almost 2/3 of claims are won. How to win the Social Security Disability Hearing requires the following from you, the claimant:

  • Consult a Disability Attorney or Advocate
    • Having a qualified disability lawyer representing you at the hearing stage is a great way to win your disability claim.


  • You are allowed to represent yourself, but it is best to work with a disability attorney for your won good.


  • The disability lawyer will make acquiring the right medical documentation easier for you. These documents will be presented before the Administrative Law Judge so it is better to have a legal expert work on it for you.


  • You need to be present at the hearing.
    • Even if your disability makes it difficult for you to be at the disability hearing, if it is possible – be there.


  • And be there on time.


  • You can postpone the hearing if you have a very good reason to. But if it is possible, do everything you can to show upon the scheduled day.



  • Your appearance matter.


  • Look presentable when attending your disability hearing.


  • The Administrative Law Judge will not appreciate a claimant that does not seem to respect the process and the court itself.


  • This does not mean you have to be overdressed. You just need to be clean and presentable.


  • Address the judge politely. Don’t be offensive when speaking at your hearing.


  • Know what your Medical Records contain.
    • You are not just supposed to submit your medical documentation. You should know what it contains as well.


  • Stay updated on all the information about your disability claim. Don’t just leave it at the hands of your lawyer. You must know your condition more than anyone else since you are the one suffering from it.


  • Stay in touch with your lawyer.
    • You need to make sure that even though your lawyer maybe representing other disabled workers, you are not being left behind.


  • Make sure that your lawyer has prepared everything needed to represent you properly at your disability hearing.


  • Do not downplay your disability.
    • It is not advisable to exaggerate, but you should not downplay your disability either.



  • The disability hearing is conducted to determining whether you meet the criteria set forth by the SSA as totally disabled. That you cannot work due to the disability and need income replacement.


  • A doctor or vocational expert can testify to provide insight about your functional capacity and transfer ability of skills.