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Why Would I Need Worker’s Compensation Lawyers?

by Megan Roth5 min read
worker's compensation lawyers

If an employee becomes ill or injured while performing their work, they are eligible to receive benefits required by workers’ compensation law. The employee must report the injury and file a claim to the insurer in order to receive the benefits. In some cases, employees might need worker’s compensation lawyers to represent them after they are injured.

There are several reasons why a claimant might need an attorney when they file a claim.


What is Workers’ Compensation Law?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance that protects workers and provides them with cash benefits as well as medical care in case they are injured or become sick as a direct result of their job-related activities.



The company or employer is required by law to pay for this insurance and must not require the employee to contribute to the cost of the compensation.


When a Lawyer is Not Needed

First, here are the circumstances when workers’ compensation lawyers are not needed. If your work-related injury is relatively minor and you are expected to go back to work after a few days or weeks’ recovery, you do not really need an attorney. If your injury does not result to a permanent loss of bodily function, you do not need an attorney.


Reasons Why You Might Need Worker’s Compensation Lawyers

In other cases, it is highly important that you contact workers’ compensation lawyers. Speak to an attorney as soon as possible if your work-related injury is severe enough to require surgery. If you have seen a doctor and you are advised that your health would not return to its condition before the injury, you may be entitled to a permanent partial disability benefit and your lawyer could help you file for this benefit.

When you are no longer able to work on a daily basis not just in your current job but in any future job or if you have preexisting disabilities in conjunction with your injury, you might need a workers’ compensation lawyer.

You may also want to dispute an adverse decision made by your employer or the insurance carrier and an attorney can assist you with the dispute. The same is true for any dispute with your state’s workers’ compensation division regarding your claim.

If you think you are not receiving the appropriate benefits after you have filed your claim, you should contact workers’ compensation lawyers as well as if your medical benefits are denied.


How Can a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help?

Whatever your circumstances are regarding your workers’ compensation claim, you have the right to obtain a lawyer. A workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to advocate on your behalf in order to help you receive the medical care that you need as well as other cash benefits you are entitled to receive on your workers’ compensation.

Additionally, your lawyer can also help you in filing for Social Security Disability benefits if your injury will prevent you from working permanently.