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How to Claim Social Security Benefits for Disabled

by Megan Roth5 min read
How to Claim Social Security Benefits for Disabled

If you are planning to make a claim for social security benefits for disabled, there are certain processes and requirements that you must comply with and accomplish. First, you must completely fill out the information which is stated on the application form. Missing out on any information may result in a slower approval process.


Requirements for Evaluation

Before you can receive social security benefits for disabled, you will undergo disability evaluation under social security.

Social Security representatives will review the application that you have submitted and check if initial requirements are complete. Your file will be transferred to the Disability Determination Office. This state agency is tasked to complete the disability determination process. In order for them to do this, they review the facts about your case and consider your medical condition(s), when your medical condition(s) began, how your medical condition(s) limit your activities, your medical tests results, and what treatment you have received.

Here is the complete list of evidentiary requirements when you’re claiming a disability benefit: medical evidence, the existence of impairment, severity, claimant’s responsibilities, consultative examinations, consultative examination report content, and evidence relating to symptoms.

Medical evidence is the most important part of disability evaluation. The complete consultative examination report content should also be included, which contains comprehensive and detailed information of the claimant’s condition or impairment.  This included the diagnosis and prognosis, laboratory and test results, and the consultant’s own recommendation.

In filing for social security benefits for disabled, it is also important that you do not withhold any information.  You should disclose the following to Social Security when you are making a claim: first, if you have an outstanding arrest warrant, second, if you are convicted of a crime, and third, if you violate a condition of parole or probation.


What is the definition of disability according to the Social Security Administration?

In order to find out if you are eligible for social security benefits for disabled, here is more information on how the SSA defines disability.  First, if your condition is severe. Severity is measured by the impairment interfering with your activities of daily living (ADL). Second, your condition must be going on for one year, and that medical records provide enough evidence that it is progressively disabling. Third, the condition must have sufficient physical or mental limitations that impede on functional abilities.


Social Security Benefits for Disabled: When Your Claim is approved

social security benefits for disabled


What would happen if your claim is proven to be legitimate and you are approved to receive social security disability benefits?

You will first receive a letter from the agency, stating that your claim is approved. The letter will further show how much benefit you will receive, and when you will first receive your check.  It will also have information on when you will be receiving your monthly checks.  As a rule, the monthly benefit that you will receive is based on your total earnings during the time that you were working.

There are certain family members that may get benefits.  However, there are certain family member eligibility requirements that they have to pass before getting social security benefits for disabled.