A safe and injury-free workplace is still a pipe dream for many organizations and because of this, employees should always know their rights and tap the services of work injury lawyers. According to various reports, injuries in the workplace are still considered a huge issue for many, and there are industries that are still known for high-risk jobs. When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched its 2015 report, it found out that injuries and accidents in the workplace are still common, and these affect thousands of workers and employees. In this report provided by the OSHA, it found out that there were 10,388 accidents reported in 2015, and more than 7,000 of these cases required hospitalization. What is worse with this report was that nearly 2,000 of the cases led to amputation. Now, these injuries can definitely impact not just the productivity and health of the employees, but also their morale.


What are the Common Situations that Will Require You to Work with Work Injury Lawyers

Under normal circumstances, it is the job of the company or organization to take care of your needs and medical requirements in case of injuries. In fact this has been the policy for many organizations, and they will announce to their workers that they are the only ones that should provide help, and it can come in the form of compensation insurance. While this is the main accepted policy, keep in mind that you can still ask for extra benefits, or even sue with the help of work injury lawyers. For example, you can enjoy the services of a lawyer and sue a company if you have been injured by a problematic product, which means your team can bring out a liability action against the manufacturer. A personal injury lawyer can also serve as a great help if the injuries were sustained because of employee lapses or because of their questionable conduct. There are different grounds that you can use that will serve as your reasons why you should get the help of a lawyer.


Workers’ Compensation Often Not Enough

There is no question that companies and organizations help their injured employees, and they normally do this through the workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, the amount is not enough for many workers and employees. And often the package does not include provisions on how to make the company liable. Workers are paid, but those who are at fault are not usually punished.


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