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Top 12 Social Media Apps for Businesses of All Sizes

by Ryan Kinnar5 min read
Good media apps for businesses

If you want to save as much time as you can this year, then you should consider using social media apps. Not only do they help in maximizing productivity, they also play a crucial role in improving your ROI (Return on Investment) when it comes to your marketing efforts. While there are plenty of them out there, you just need to find the ones that suit you the most.


As you read, you will learn the following:

  • The most useful social media apps in keeping you up to date with all the latest trends.
  • Apps that, in one way or another, help you save time and money.
  • Easy to use apps that promote professional visual touch.


Social media apps for your business
These social media apps are designed to help business of different sizes reach more potential customers.


Why Social Media Apps are Important

Social media platforms are there to provide a way for your consumers to connect with you and thus effectively increase brand awareness. Apart from that, they can be used to attract more potential customers. A company’s social media presence, when done properly, tells customers that the brand is active. This subsequently creates a thriving communication and customer loyalty. Now, it is time to get down to brass tacks.



#1. Facebook

This is without a doubt the largest social networking site and is even one of the most widely used across the world. Facebook gives you the ability to network with consumers while promoting your business. This platform is so massive that it finally surpassed the 1 billion user accounts mark. With that in mind, you can definitely reach a much wider audience, propelling them into buying your products or services.


#2. WhatsApp

Apparently, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook sometime in 2014, though it exists as an independent entity. Its main focus is to give users the ability to communicate and share updates instantly, be it with individuals or groups. And mind you, the number of active users on WhatsApp is around 1 billion.


Whatsapp among media apps
Whatsapp in of 12 media apps that can help your business


#3. Instagram

Instagram was initially launched as a unique social networking platform, the kind that was based on photos and videos. Being a photo-sharing social media app, it enables you to capture any moments worth sharing. What is even interesting is the fact that you can apply various filters, so you can enhance your photos. Interestingly, it has become part of the Facebook empire.


#4. Twitter

This one here has a pretty simple premise: to share posts via short text messages called tweets. You have up to 140 characters to write and convey your message. Sure, it might be short compared to what you can do on Facebook, but this character limitation is effective enough to entice readers.



#5. Google+

An app owned by tech giant Google, there is no doubt Google+ is among the most popular social networking sites today. Apart from sharing photos and videos, you can also stay in touch with other individuals through messages. This can help your business promote brand awareness, so you can place products or services in the limelight.


#6. Viber

In its most organic form, Viber is a multi-lingual social platform that offers 30 languages. It is famous for providing instant text and voice messages, which is perfect if you are always on the go. Moreover, you are able to share photos, videos, and audio messages. It even gives you the ability to get in touch with non-Viber users via a feature called Viber Out.


#7. Hootsuite Amplify

In case you did not know, around 21 percent of consumers are fond of liking employee posts. That is simply because your customers prefer to talk or chat to a live person, not just a brand. Thanks to Hootsuite Amplify, you can find and share news with ease. Of course, this includes sharing engaging content that discuss your products or services.


#8. Hootsuite

Yes, there is another platform (though they are developed by the same company) called Hootsuite. But unlike the aforementioned, this one focuses on handling multiple accounts. This social media app gives you a way to schedule posts across any platform. You can also benefit from its training platform that, in one way or another, teaches about social media marketing as a whole.


Another one of many media apps
Hootsuite is another great option of these media apps


#9. Agora Pulse

For some businesses, particularly the small ones, coping up without using a single social media management tool is quite exhausting. Agora Pulse is built around the idea of providing users a means to save a huge chunk of time without compromising productivity and effectiveness. Although it kind of works like Hootsuite, this one here is more robust and powerful. You can integrate it with different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn, among others.


#10. Buffer

Do you want a way to post or share your updates to all your social networks in an organized way? Well, Buffer can help. This app gives you the advantage of scheduling your posts at different times you choose for a day or week. But if you want to post updates immediately on each of your platform, you may do so. Buffer also has an interesting feature that lets you share articles with just a click of a button. For instance, you found an article online. You simply click Buffer and that article will be automatically shared on all your social media apps.


#11. Feedly

When it comes to utilizing social media platforms for business, it should not just be about you. If most of your content online is all about your products or services, then you are missing the point. The idea is to also share other people’s content, too. Feedly gives you access to all the latest content out there. You use this to your advantage by sorting interesting topics and sharing it with your followers. And much like Buffer, you can also do this process with just a click of a button.


#12. edocr

Sharing content from other individuals includes giving away stuff for free. Considering the millions of other businesses out there, you want something that can help find your brand standout. And one way to do this is by creating an ebook which you can give to your customers for free. edocr is among those social media apps that serve as your digital library for e-book and other documents. From there, you can save your e-book and share it with your consumers.