Invest Wisely

7 Fantastic Apps to Save More Money

by Ryan Kinnar5 min read

It can be difficult to manage your personal finances when you have a lot going on. It takes time to check your accounts, remember to pay your bills and keep track of expenses. Thanks to new apps available, you can do more of that work on the go. Here are several apps to download to your phone so you can keep track of your personal expenses and find ways to save money.



One of the first personal finance apps, Mint is still one of the best. You set up a profile and attach it to your checking accounts, credit card accounts and even savings accounts. Once that is completed, the app automatically tracks your spending and sends you alerts when you are close to your budget or near a zero balance. It even provides tips to help you save money, and it’s all accomplished in easy-to-read charts and graphs.


Level Money

With Level Money, you can connect your bank account to the app where it will calculate expenses and income to provide suggestions on your spending. The app gives you a suggested savings amount and deducts it from your budget. If you choose, you can automatically roll any leftover money to a savings account. Your spending is tracked in real time, which lets you know how much you have available.



This is another account which connects to checking and credit card accounts. The purpose of this app is to help you invest money by rounding up your purchases and investing the difference. You can also select an amount to invest in one amount.


Credit Karma

Credit Karma is designed to help people monitor their credit scores, which allows them to qualify for better interest rates and loan terms. It also provides offers for credit cards or loans, as well as mortgage products and even car insurance.



This app helps you save money without even knowing it. It looks at your spending habits and your income to determine an amount that can be moved into a separate savings account. You can access the money at any time and it doesn’t make any interest, but it helps you get in a habit of saving money.



Wall is designed to track your expenditures and shows you how much you spend over time. You can compare monthly, weekly or even daily spending. All expenses are put into categories for easier viewing. Just scan your receipts and the app records the details.



Goodbudget helps you divide your expenses into categories or envelopes. You determine how much you want to put in each category and track actual spending. This is a simple app that helps you understand where your money goes and allows you to develop a budget.


Each of these apps are designed to help people manage their personal finances better. You can select one or more to try them out since they are all free. Find the system that helps you manage your money and save more.