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Crowdsourced Platform iintoo Offers New Approach for Real Estate Investors

by Megan Roth5 min read

The internet has changed real estate forever. Thanks to crowdsourced platforms, it is also changing the way people invest in real estate. There’s one platform that stands out for the serious investor with specific goals in mind. That platform is iintoo.


How iintoo Works?

There is no cost to register with iintoo. It just takes a few steps to be set up with an account after which you can browse through the available investments on the platform. Each investment is researched through due diligence so you can feel confident about where you put your money and all it takes is $25,000 to get started. These investments are simple and straightforward, accessible to the average investor. You can manage your risk while receiving high-yield returns on your investment. 


iintoo interface


Investors are able to select the property they want to invest in based on their interests and investment needs. They can choose the location and type of property from commercial to mixed-use and everything in between. Investors also select the term of investment between 18 and 36 months. 


Why iintoo is Different?

iintoo is more than a platform for real estate investors. It is a social network for investors with specialization in exit-oriented investments in real estate. All investments are transparent and come with continued supervision.


Each investment goes through an extensive approval process to be sure it is legitimate and sensible for investors. As part of the research, the team looks at the location of the property, the budgets, the reputations of the contractors for meeting deadlines and delivering results.


To add a layer of protection for investors, iintoo puts the real estate developers and other sponsors at the first level of risk. They don’t make a profit until they have provided the promised return to the investors.


One of the major differences in iintoo is the use of social networking. Investors can show their friends and other professionals the properties they are considering in order to get feedback. First-time investors have the support they need to earn money and build a career in this industry. iintoo strives to limit the risk for its investors whether they are just starting out or seasoned professionals.


The investment experts at iintoo monitor all properties on a weekly basis. They provide the investors with quarterly reports and compare actual results with the pre-approved business plan.


iintoo is made up of experts in the capital markets as well as those involved in business development and analysis. Many of these team members have years of experience in real estate and investing, so they know how to monitor the properties and how to select those which meet the risk requirements of the firm.


The unique experience of the team coupled with the unique perspective social networking brings to real estate investing make iintoo a unique option for investors seeking to maximize their earnings while limiting their risk.