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Virginia Workers Compensation Commission

by Ryan Kinnar5 min read
Virginia Workers Compensation Commission

About Virginia Workers Compensation Commission

The Virginia Workers Compensation Commission is responsible for implementing the requirements outlined in the Virginia Workers Compensation Act, administering the Virginia Workers Compensation program, ensuring legal requirements are being met and providing various types of protection to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia Workers Compensation Commission
The Virginia Workers Commission is headed by an Executive Director as well as three Commissioners. The Commissioners are selected by the State General Assembly and each serve a term of six years. The Commissioners in turn select a Chairman, who heads the organization for a three year term.


The Commission’s Mission

It is the mission of the Virginia Workers’ Commission to serve all injured workers, employers, victims of crimes and all related industries. The Commission promises to provide exceptional services, to resolve all disputes and to faithfully carry out the tasks entrusted to the Commission by the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Injured Workers

According to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission, Injured or Sick Workers could be eligible for benefits as per the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act.

Here’s what you do:

  • Report your condition (injury or ill health) to your employer immediately. If you do not report your work related injury or illness within 30 days of it occurring or being diagnosed, then this could result in your Claim being declined.
  • File a Claim to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission within 2 years of having sustained the injury or contracted the illness. You should do this to protect your rights. As soon as you file the claim, the Commission will provide you with information, including your Jurisdiction Claim Number and a PIN number (you need this to get online access to your Electronic Record)
  • You could file your completed claim to the Commission the following ways:
    • Personally: You can download and print the Claim for Benefit form and submit it at any of the Commission Offices. All visitors would be required to present photo identification at the office premises.
    • Mail: You can fill in the downloaded and printed Claim for Benefit for and mail it to the following address –

Virginia Workers Compensation Commission
Richmond-Virginia – 23220

  • You may fax the downloaded, printed and completed form to 804-823-6956
  • You could file your claim online by creating a WebFile account by using the Jurisdiction Claim Number and PIN number provided to you when you initially filed your claim to the Commission.



The Commission has the following guides that you can go through to understand the compensation process better:


Assistance from the Commission

For assistance, you can call the Commission’s helpline at 1-877-664-2566 or email at Here are is what you can get assistance with:

  • Your rights as well as responsibilities as per the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Education and information dissemination
  • Helping with the Claims filing process