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Social Security Disability Attorney Reviews

by Mark Sander5 min read
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If you want to hire an attorney to help you with your claim or appeal for disability claims, you should know when to call for help and how much it would cost. 

Different law firms have different ways to develop and win a disability claim. Choosing which among them requires a bit of patience and online research.


When to Talk to a Social Security Disability Attorney

If your medical condition or disability will prevent you from working for a long time, it is a good idea to sit down with a lawyer for a free consultation on disability claims.

First, take advantage of free legal resources and free consultations. This way, you will get an idea if you should apply for claims or not.

It is very important that you find out the cost of having a lawyer help you with your Social Security case. The cost is regulated by federal law and it is usually less than 25% of claim or around $6,000.

If the case is brought to the Appeals Council, the cost will go up.

However, the chances of winning your disability claim increases when you have an attorney doing the legal leg work for you. Because for the SSA to release or pay you money, a large sum of money at that, you have to meet criterias and prove that you are eligible for claims.

If you are wondering when not to call an attorney, it would be around the time you’ve submitted your application and waiting for the response. There is nothing much an attorney can do at this point anyway.


What Happens When You Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

What Happens When You Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney


Initial Interview

When you first get in touch with the firm of your choice, their staff will conduct an interview to gather the information they need to determine who among their roster of attorneys will handle your case. Interviews can be done through phone or in person.

Through the initial interview, the staff can determine the likelihood your case will win. In some cases an attorney will determine it themselves. They can either decline or accept your case for representation.


Medical Evidence Building

Your attorney will next develop medical evidence by requesting records needed to win your claim. It will later on be submitted it to the SSA before your hearing.

You will need to sign a medical privacy release to allow your attorney access to your records. Your attorney will review your records to determine if you need to undergo additional medical testing.

Since the SSA will tell you what exams you are supposed to take, your attorney will supplement those with additional exams or a consultative examination with one of their doctors. Supporting statements and additional exams help build the case to your favor.


Preparation for Disability Hearing



Next is preparing for the hearing. You and your attorney will review the questions that are usually asked in a hearing and practice your responses. You should answer as honestly as possible in order for your attorney to evaluate your answers effectively.


Develop a Theory Why You are Disabled

Under the Social Security disability law, your lawyer will formulate a theory why you are considerd disabled.

The three main theories used are:

  • Prove the medical condition meets the disability listing,
  • Prove that you are ‘grid’ out of all work or unable to work including past employment,
  • Prove that non-exertional limitations prevent you from working or that your exertion level is less than sedentary.


Social Security Disability Attorney Reviews

When you are in need of representation for a disability claim, you can look for law firms near you in many online directories. We recommend that you search online for the most positively reviewed law firms or lawyers per se.

Social Security Disability Attorney Reviews can be viewed online.

Sites like Yelp or Consumer Affairs contain Social Security Disability Attorney Reviews for law firms in different areas. Or you can type a law firm or lawyer’s name + location + complaints in any search engine.