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New Technologies Have Made Home Security Systems More Reliable, Accessible and Dirt Cheap

by Megan Roth5 min read
home security systems

At one time, home security systems seemed to just be for the wealthy and elite. Today’s systems are much more affordable while also being more reliable. With so many to choose from, you must consider what you need and which ones fit in your budget.


Modern Home Security Systems

You probably remember the television ads for security systems like ADT which sounded an alert when someone tried to break in. While those systems are still in existence, today’s products offer even more.


For one thing, you can often customize the equipment and services you need based on your budget and the needs of your family. Basic services still call for help when there’s an intruder. However, you can also set up the system to alert you to other changes in your home.


Many of these services allow you to adjust and control them through your smartphone. They may send alerts to your phone when the system is activated. Some of them come with sensors for the doors and windows or motion sensors. They may warn of carbon monoxide poisoning, fire and other hazardous situations.


Some of the advanced security systems include cameras which allow you to monitor your home when you’re away. Surveillance can continue for 24/7 to ensure residents are safe from outside and inside threats.


Costs of Home Security Systems

Most security systems offer options for buyers. They can choose a basic package for a base price or select add-on equipment and features for additional cost.


Many of the modern systems won’t even charge you for cancellation, and you aren’t locked into a contract. This bonus takes away the fear for many homeowners who don’t want to commit to a system until they have tried it out.


It’s important to compare services for pricing on several levels. First, there’s the cost of installation. Then, you have monthly fees to keep the service active. They can range from $25 per month to well over $100 each month. Many programs have tiers which make having a home security system more affordable for almost any budget.


Some companies require a contract of a year, two or even five years. The longer the contract, generally the less expensive the cost of the service. Of course, you may end up with an early cancellation fee if you don’t keep the system for the length of the contract.


Most security systems come with a set number of sensors or other items with additional ones included with an extra charge. They should all feature a control panel which connects to the sensors.


If you decide you want a home security system to give you peace of mind, take a few minutes to compare the options which are available. Find out what each system offers as well as the pricing so you can determine the one that meets your needs. Today’s systems offer more variety in pricing and service to fit all kinds of homeowners.