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How to Make Money and Increase Your Savings

by Ryan Kinnar5 min read
How to Make Money to Increase Your Savings

When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it is difficult to find any extra money to put aside. However, we still need to find ways to save for our future. So here are 12 ways in which you can save and make money and work your way up to making an extra $5,000 per year.


1. Open a New Online Bank Account

How to Make Money to Increase Your Savings

Open an online savings bank account and deposit $5 in it. While there are a bunch of online banks nowadays, one of the best in the market is The Aspiration Summit Account. The reason for this is because it offers an interest rate that is about 100 times more than what a traditional bank offers.

Here are a few reasons why Aspiration is becoming so popular:

  • No monthly fees
  • It online so you don’t have to leave home to conduct your business
  • The bank offers a 1% APY on a $2,500 or more balance. And if you less than a $2,500 balance in your account, then you get an offer of 0.25% APY. Traditional banks offer 0.06% APY. Which means you make money on the money that is lying in your bank account.
  • You get an ATM card that you can use anywhere in the world – for free
  • 10% of Aspiration’s revenue goes to charity.