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How to Make Money from Donating Plasma

by Megan Roth5 min read
Plasma Donation

You may be wondering if you can find a way to make money without taking on a second job. If you’re looking for some quick cash or a steady stream, you might want to consider donating plasma. It’s an easy way to get a few extra dollars each week on your schedule.


What is Plasma?

Plasma is the watery part of your blood. It includes proteins, along with some antibodies and enzymes. It is made into different products that help people with various diseases.


Just like when you donate blood, you must get it drawn through a needle. Unlike blood donation, the blood is returned to your body once the plasma has been separated. 


What are the Requirements?

You’ll have to be an adult to donate plasma, and the age range can vary. There may also be an upper age limit based on the state you live in. You’ll need to provide proof of where you live and who you are with a photo ID. You’ll need your Social Security number as well.


You’ll need to pass a physical exam and answer some basic questions. You may be excluded from donating if you’ve had tattoos or piercings recently, given birth or fail to meet other criteria.


It’s important to eat healthy and drink plenty of water or other fluids to ensure you stay hydrated. Your protein levels may be tested regularly and if they fall below the acceptable amount, you may not be able to donate until your blood is tested again.


You won’t be able to donate if your heart rate or body temperature are above a certain level. These restrictions are to ensure the plasma being donated is safe to use.


One of the reasons people are willing to donate plasma is because they are paid for their time. Pay ranges from $20 to $50, depending on where you’re located and how much you can donate.


You’re generally paid on a debit card which is able to be used just like a regular card. You may receive bonuses for donating extra times in a month or for bringing in a referral. It’s possible to make an extra $300 to $400 per month.


You’re allowed to donate as much as two times a week as long as you have at least one day off in between. You’re paid after each donation, which means you have ready cash when you need it. You may also find special coupons and deals for first-time donors where you can make an extra $5 or $10 each time for your first few visits.


You may wonder why plasma donation is big business. It takes a long time for the plasma being donated to be usable, which is why a constant supply must be maintained. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, why not give it a try?