Invest Wisely

Making Money from Personal Loans

by Ryan Kinnar5 min read

When it comes to personal loans, most of us don’t view them as a way to fuel income. While it may provide us the cash flow we need for various investments, it would be wrong to consider this a paycheck of any sort. However, more and more, investors are looking to personal loans as just that.


Traditionally, when you need a loan, you go to a bank, right? However, when you think about it, a bank really doesn’t bring anything special to the table except for a whole lot of cash. This is where investors can be just as beneficial.


Many investors have taken to the world of personal loans, effectively replacing banks as the role of a lender. In many ways, it’s no different than how investors usually make returns. First, they put some of their money. For a certain period of time, they’re unable to touch it, but eventually, it’s available again, plus something extra.


Personal loans can also provide investors with a lot of advantages when compared to the typical channels they turn to for opportunities. For one thing, personal loans are far less volatile than stocks. As the borrower is making monthly payments on their loan, the investor is getting monthly returns. No more waiting years at a time in the hopes that an investment will finally pay out.


Historically, this type of investment has provided solid returns too. By grades A through C, they’ve averaged returns of between 4.74% and 7.98%. It’s hard to argue with those kinds of numbers.


Best of all, you’re actually helping people out. Those who don’t fit the rigid demands of large banks may otherwise be without money. Thanks to personal loan investing, this is no longer the case.  


Let us show you how lucrative this industry can be with companies like CashNetUSA and Lending Club. In no time at all, you’ll be helping yourself and others at the same time.