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The Definition of Workers Compensation

by Megan Roth5 min read
The Definition of Worker's Compensation

According to the Legal Information Institute, The Definition of Workers Compensation describe it as an insurance benefit that protects people who get injured or sick while on the job. The insurance plan is designed to support those were injured or taken ill during work by giving them certain benefits. These benefits include monetary awards among other things, to prevent the process of litigation. According to the Workers’ Compensation laws, in case the worker dies in the line of work, then the next of kin must be provided for.

The law with regard to Workers’ Compensation is not just beneficial for the employee. It also protects employers as well as fellow workers. The compensation law puts a cap on how much compensation the employee can get for his or her injury or illness. It also removes the liability of co-workers from work related accidents.


The Definition of Workers Compensation


Various forms of Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is a state-run initiative. It is the states’ job to establish the framework for compensation in their own territories. However, federal government employees come under the Federal Employment Compensation Act. Non-military federal employees are the beneficiaries under this scheme.

Just as there is workers’ compensation for private and state employees, the Merchant Marine Act provides seamen a safety net at work, the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act caters to the safety of maritime workers employed by private companies and the Black Lung Benefits Act provides benefits to miners who have contracted the disease known as “Black Lung” or pneumoconiosis.

According to FindLaw, “workers comp” – as the insurance is popularly called – Workers’ Compensation can be a little complicated. Understanding the basics can make a huge difference in case you ever need to avail of workers’ compensation.



In case you are injured or taken ill while working, then the following are some of the benefits you will be eligible for if your Workers’ Compensation claim is approved:

  • Medical care
  • Replacement income
  • Retraining costs
  • Compensation for a permanent injury
  • In case you die on the job, then your family or next of kin will be eligible for compensation


Workers’ Compensation will NOT give you any form of compensation for the pain and suffering you have undergone. And remember, if you take Workers’ Compensation, then you forfeit your right to sue your employer for negligence or being responsible for your work related injury.

A more detailed guide to Workers Compensation Benefits can be found here.

Who is covered?

  • Business owners
  • Freelance Contractors
  • Volunteers
  • People who work in private homes
  • Farmers and their staff
  • Seamen
  • Railroad workers
  • Part-time workers


If you wish to sue your employer for recklessly endangering your life, then you will waive your right to Workers Compensation. At this time, it is best to find a good workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you win your case. You can even get a free consultation with a lawyer to understand what your benefits will be in case of an injury sustained during work.



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