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Check Out 14 of the Most Beautiful and Costly Homes of the Stars

by Megan Roth5 min read

You might be surprised at just how expensive some of the homes of celebrities are. Here are a few that have made recent real estate purchases worth staggering amounts of money.


Ashton Kutcher

The movie star whose career took off with That 70’s Show has given up his $12 million home in Hollywood Hills for new digs with his girlfriend Mila Kunis. They live in a $10 million home in Beverly Hills.



Will Smith

Another big name in Hollywood, Will got his start on Fresh Prince of Bel Air and went on to be known for films such as Men in Black. He and his actress wife Jada Smith live in a home valued at $42 million.





Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer of Friends’ fame has a lovely home in Beverly Hills which she has been renovating her home. Though she paid less than $5 million for the property, she has it listed at $15 million.



Matthew McConaughey

This southern gentleman owns a home in Austin, Texas which is worth a cool $4 million. Considering he used to have an Airstream trailer that let him roam the countryside, he has moved up in the world.



Justin Timberlake

Justin started his career as one of the Backstreet Boys before moving on to major success as a solo star. He purchased his own penthouse in New York City with an amazing city view which includes the Empire State Building. It’s valued at $7.6 million.


Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry has achieved big success first as a stand-up comedian and then with his own show. He invested the money in one of the homes in the Hamptons for $32 million. The former owner was Billy Joel.


Conan O’Brien

Conan became a household name as a late-night talk show host. He recently moved into a home worth just a little less than $20 million. He now lives in Pacific Palisades.


Tiger Woods

As one of the biggest names in golf, Tiger has a beautiful home located on Jupiter Island, Florida. Not surprisingly, his property is located near a golf course. It’s worth $60 million.



Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim and Kanye make headlines on a regular basis and can be seen at numerous events. However, when they want to relax at home, they’ll be glad to go to their $11 million property in Bel Air. They’re still renovating so they still haven’t moved in.

Matt Damon

Matt makes his home in Pacific Palisades, near Los Angeles. One of the most magnificent features of the property is the impressive 35-foot ceilings. It has seven bedrooms with a total of 10 bathrooms. It set him back about $15 million.



The singing sensation has either owned or rented a few nice places throughout the world, but she recently bought a place in her homes country of Barbados. The place was listed for just under $22 million.




Oprah has achieved amazing success in her career. It has afforded her the opportunity to purchase an $85 million property in Montecito, California. There is more than 23,000 square feet in the property which doesn’t count the guest house.



Jon Bon Jovi

The lead singer of Bon Jovi has turned his stunning success into a financial empire with a $22 million home located in his homes state of New Jersey. However, it’s not his only place to call home. Located just a few miles away in Manhattan is another home. His penthouse is currently for sale for $40 million.



Tom Brady

Football pays well, especially if you’re a multi-time Super Bowl winner like Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. He currently lives in LA in a property that cost him about $40 million, but it’s listed for sale for $50 million.