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5 Ways to Get a Divorce Without Breaking the Bank

by Megan Roth5 min read
Keep your money whe you get a divorce

Getting divorced is the complete opposite of marriage. There is a lot of things involved, most of which are going to tire you emotionally and financially. People who ask “How to get a divorce?” also wonder how much it will cost. And most attorneys will not even schedule an appointment without guaranteeing a bill first. It is expected from them, as their best interest is not your emotional capacity but rather your financial capacity. But with proper knowledge – and tons of preparation – you can avoid spending way too much money while getting a divorce.


Planning to get a divorce?
If you are planning to get a divorce, understand that it would cost you a bit – but there is every way possible to avoid racking the bill up.


#1. Do Your Homework

The money you are willing to spend will significantly impact the kind of legal representation you will acquire. While there are plenty of attorneys to choose from, not all of them will have the heart to listen to you. The key here is to hire an attorney who is willing to feel connected with you. Otherwise, you will be surprised with the amount of money you are already spending.



#2. Try to Limit the Phone Calls

Whether your attorney is somewhat friendly towards the opposing counsel or not, it is best to give him/her zero reason to contact the other attorney unnecessarily. And there is a definite reason to this. That is because he/she will most likely bill you for the effort even if it is a 10-minute call only. If you are looking to get a divorce and save money, you surely do not want that to happen.


#3. Get a Divorce But Understand All Mediation Costs

Nothing on this planet is for free, and the same thing can be said when processing a divorce. Although it really depends on your state or country, mediation can be a little pricey. Think of a mediator (usually an attorney, too) as the person who keeps on giving for your attorney. And not only are you going to pay for the hourly rate, but you will also end up spending money for the cost of the mediator. At the end of the day, you are going to do business with two individuals who earn money the longer you stay in mediation. If you can, consider taking your chances in court.


Get a divorce using a median?
When you get a divorce and hire a median – you’re going to pay for it


#4. Know What You Are Paying

Here, it is all about asking your attorney upfront about the charges for his/her services. Unfortunately, this is where most people make a mistake in the first place. They tend to sign an engagement letter without even asking what the hourly rate is about. This is also where you want to clarify if a junior attorney or paralegal will be part of the team. And if they are, then you are on the advantageous side. That is because they can help lower the expenses considering they will work for less.



#5. Always Look at the Bigger Picture

Striking a balance between protecting your personal interests and the willingness to bargain is crucial if you want to get a divorce. Do not just set your eyes on set of things that you are not really willing to negotiate. For instance, you have children together and you want to be given the opportunity to see them. More often than not, you will be allowed to but there will be some financial concessions involved.