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What Is SSDI Reconsideration And Why Do You Need It?

by Pragati Suman5 min read
What Is SSDI Reconsideration And Why Do You Need It?

Not all SSDI applications are approved the first time they are filed. Some are denied by the agency or the hearing judge due to lack of medical evidence to prove the disability or lacking or requirements. Once your application is denied, you need to file for SSDI reconsideration.


The filing should be processed within 60 days upon the first application dismissal; otherwise, you will begin to process for new application again. The following article narrows down the SSDI processes and importance.


The Reconsideration Stage of Social Security Disability

There is still hope to claim your rightful benefits after your Social Security Disability application is denied. The SSDI reconsideration allows you to review your application, as well as the judge or examiner assigned to your case. You don’t have to lose hope because this happens for many claimants – not just to you.

File a recon to pursue your application. Some people opt to file a new application because they think that filing for a new one is better and faster than processing an existing claim request. This is not true at all. Filing for another one and going through the same process will result to similar decision: denial.  

The judge and examiner will most likely review the reconsideration, retrieve the previous application, and consider granting you the benefits.  


Filing for SSDI Reconsideration

Filing for recon is appeal’s first step. The filed application for reconsideration will be sent to SSA office to be reviewed. The office that processed your initial application will also be the one to receive and review your appeal. However, there will be a different set of examiner this time.  


Handling the Reconsideration Process

Recon is a long process. You need to understand that the officers handling the process are bound to follow the rules set by the agency. This is why they scrutinize information provided to them. Approximately 86% of reconsideration applicants are denied. In your end, you have to:

  • Make sure that all information are complete
  • Complete all requirements to be submitted to SSA office
  • Complete all medical/treatment activities related to your disability
  • Review the application first before submitting
  • Ensure that all needed information are filled out
  • Submit your reconsideration application as soon as possible


Tips and Advice

Tips and Advice for SSDI reconsideration

  • Waiting is a virtue. The average waiting time is 3-5 months to complete the process before a decision is made.
  • Denied reconsideration applications can still be appealed before a judge for an appeal hearing.


You may visit this link for the SSA-561. Finally, you may consult a lawyer specializing in Social Security Disability to help you understand the process better and get help for a guide in SSDI reconsideration.