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Social Security Disability Practice Guide

by Megan Roth5 min read
Get to know Social Security Disability Practice Guide

The NOSSCR or, the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives has created a Social Security Disability Practice Guide. The American Bar Association also has published its own version of the Social Security Disability Practice guide. And these are just a couple of names we have mentioned who have published detailed guides on how to navigate the massive world of Social Security Disability.


These guides prove to be tomes of knowledge, not just for those who are new to representing Social Security Disability, but also for veterans of the process. This is because there are so many factors that interconnect and influence the final decision on a claimant’s application that it is not possible to know all of them. The process of applying for Social Security Disability is not an easy one and neither is it simple.



Subjects Addressed in a Social Security Disability Practice Guide

Besides offering a thorough understanding of the Social Security case as well as administrative law, the Social Security Disability practice guide also acts as a guide for substantive as well as procedural aspects of the Hearings and Appeals levels when representing a Social Security Disability client.


Such guides offer:

  • Tips on dealing with the adjudicatory process that is a part of the Social Security appeals process
  • All the relevant Social Security Disability forms as well as instructions on how those forms should be filled in correctly and accurately. These guides also offer tips on what the different types of forms are and understanding which form is needed when
  • Listings of common as well as reversible mistakes identified in decisions made by administrative law judges
  • Samples of letters, pleadings and appeals of every level of the process, checklists and even questions asked of doctors
  • Advice on how to recover lawyers’ fees. They also give a detailed analysis of fee provisions in the Social Security benefits payout.


Such guides necessarily need to be updated regularly as the SSA is constantly adding new disabilities in the Blue Book as well as regulations in the Red Book.


Social Security Disability Practice for lawyers
The Social Security Disability Practice Guide is invaluable for attorneys and lawyers.


Other Insights into the Social Security Disability Practice Guide

Besides learning about how to navigate the legal byways of the Social Security Disability claims process, the Social Security Disability Practice Guide also gives its readers a glossary as well as index of SSD cases – listed by disabilities. The guide also gives a medico-legal bibliography to help lawyers understand medical terms related to claims processing. These guides also cover the statutes as well as regulations related to the evaluation of claim, which helps lawyers and attorneys then win the medical as well as vocational points of a Social Security Disability claim. There is also an expert analysis of the different kinds of occupations as well as their physical and mental demands and how they could cause disabilities. Dealing with the Social Security system is not easy and to be able to help you win your claim, lawyers also need all the help they can get.