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What is Social Security Disability: Every Employee Should Know

by Megan Roth5 min read
what is social security disability

So what is Social Security disability, and why is this arrangement an important policy for many employees who are in active service? Well, for those who are active in the industry and currently employed, the disability package from the Social Security is an important offering, one that secures the future of the employee, even if he failed to reach the retirement age because of injuries or disability. Also known as the ‘workers’ disability’, this package entails a monthly benefit for the employee who encountered an accident or injury in the workplace, preventing him from completing the retirement age and the benefits that come with it.


What is Social Security Disability, and What are the Eligibility Requirements?

This program was developed to help employees in the workplace. While this is designed to assist the employees, it should be kept in mind that certain eligibility rules and restrictions apply. If you are targeting a disability benefit because you are no longer working or because you encountered an injury in the workplace, then keep in mind that the amount of time that you served the company is a critical factor that is being considered. Under the rule book explaining what is Social Security disability compensation, it is clearly stated that you should have served the company for a specified number of years, in a position where you have contributed taxes. Now, if your case suggests that you have failed to reach the minimum number of worked years or work credits and have become disabled, then your next option available is to get approved for a ‘Supplemental Security Income’.

Now, the work credits or the required number of worked years will depend on your age when you have become disabled. If you have become disabled at the age of 50 years old, then the rules say that you must have worked for 7 years. Aside from the age eligibility in understanding what is Social Security disability, it is also best to know that a medical eligibility should be in place. This means that for a disability to be approved, you should be suffering from a medical condition that has meet the definitions provided by the Social Security. Under the current rules and policies of the Social Security, a disability decision can be given provided that the applicant is suffering from a severe and long term medical condition, making him completely disabled.