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When do I need to Get a Car Accident Attorney?

by Megan Roth5 min read
car accident attorney

There is an average of one accident every 4 minutes in the US. Thankfully, most of these are fender benders and can be resolved quite easily. You just need to file a claim for compensation with either your own insurance or the other person’s (if it was their fault). However, there are enough car accidents where the damage is more severe and the services of a car accident attorney are required.


A car accident attorney is someone who will help you fight or defend your case when there is lack of clarity about who caused the damage or if the damage caused was so severe that a simple insurance claim is not going to cover your costs, or even that the pain and suffering caused was so deep that the compensation was not justifiably enough.


When should you call a Car Accident Attorney?

Listed below are some instances of when a car accident attorney may be called:

  • It is not clear who is at fault. It may even be that both parties were at fault.
  • You don’t know how to evaluate your claim.
  • The insurance adjuster asks for medical records from before the accident.
  • The insurance adjuster gives you an estimated compensation amount and you feel that it is not enough and that damages amount to much more than that.
  • If the insurance adjuster offers you a structured settlement and you need the full amount to be paid out immediately.
  • You have lost wages but cannot prove it clearly as you might be a freelance worker, consultant, an independent business owner, etc.


However, there are also instances when it is strongly recommended that you should hire a car accident attorney, that waiting will be severely detrimental to your case:

  • When your claim is more valuable than the assessment and you can’t prove it. An example would be, say, if you care for your aging parents and now due to the accident you cannot take care of them.
  • When the insurance company has refused your claim and you feel that this denial is unjustified
  • When the insurance settlement offered is too low
  • When you are badly injured with high medical bills and you may end up with a disability
  • Despite being moderately injured you ended up with a disability which will require extended treatment
  • You are being blamed for the accident but you don’t agree or you are being sued by the other party
  • When your claim is not being settled easily and you don’t know what the statute of limitations is on your claim


The list above is not exhaustive but it does give you an idea about when it is appropriate or necessary to call a car accident attorney.


If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you should check if you got fair compensation – check now.


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