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Role of Social Security Disability Advocates

by Ryan Kinnar5 min read
Social Security Disability Advocates

Social Security Disability Advocates?

Social Security Disability Advocates are people who are specifically trained to help Social Security – Disability claims get approved. This is, of course, on the condition that those claims are qualified.

Social Security Disability Advocates


You can be represented at all stages of the Social Security Disability application as well as appeals process by a Social Security Disability Advocate. Usually people will only turn to advocates after the initial application for SSD was declined.


What do Social Security Disability Advocates do?

You SSD Advocate can do pretty much everything to help you with your case. This means

  • Helping you with your initial application
  • Helping you with a Request-for-Reconsideration
  • Representing you at your hearing before an Judge for Administrative Law
  • If you have to proceed to the next stage, then your advocate can also represent you with the Disability Appeals Council.
  • If your advocate is also a lawyer, then he or she can also represent your case right up to the Federal Court. However, if he or she is not a lawyer and just a Social Security professional who helps people to win disability claims, then you would need another lawyer at this stage.


Fees Charged by Social Security Disability Advocates

SSD Advocates will not ask for any upfront fees. They get their payments as a percentage – usually 25% – of the Social Security Disability back-pay that is awarded to you if you win the case. If your advocate does not win your case, then he or she does not get paid.


Why should I hire a Social Security Disability Advocate?

Here are some reasons why you would need to hire an SSD Advocate:

  • The SSD claims process is a complicated and lengthy one, sometimes taking up to years to finish. If you are disabled, then running around for documents, proof, etc. can be stressful in the extreme. An advocate that do that legwork for you.
  • Thanks to the fact that the definition of a disability is really narrow, most people’s applications for SSD get rejected at stage 1.The SSDI Application Form itself is lengthy and requires a ton of details. An advocate can help you fill in your application form and ensure that all documents you need to submit are in place and exactly the way the SSA would need them.
  • During the ensuing stages of appeals, an experienced advocate can really mean the difference between winning your case and getting rejected again.

 If your case goes reaches the Federal Court for appeal, then having anSSD Advocate who is also a lawyer is a must.


How to Choose Social Security Disability Advocates

Here are a few tips while selecting a Social Security Disability Advocate:

  • Make sure they have time for you and can give you individual attention. Discuss this right at the beginning and let them know what you expect.
  • Make sure you get an advocate who is also a lawyer. Just in case your claim is rejected and proceeds to the appeals stage, a lawyer will be able to represent you in court also.
  • Make sure your advocate specializes in Social Security’s Disability Law and also had the right amount of experience.
  • Check your advocate’s client reviews.
  • A very important consideration that most people overlook is personalities. Make sure your advocate is someone you will get along with because this may end up being a long relationship.