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Is There Rental Assistance for Disabled on Social Security?

by Megan Roth5 min read
rental assistance for disabled on social security

There are two programs that pay monthly benefits to people who become disabled and have met the Social Security’s eligibility criteria. These are the Supplemental Security Income or SSI and the Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI. Neither of these programs is set up to help pay for expenses such as utilities and rent. So, if you are looking for rental assistance for disabled on Social Security, the best that you can do is to use your SSI and SSDI benefits to pay for your rent and utilities.


You are not limited to using your monthly disability compensation only for your medical expenses such as doctor’s visits and prescription medications. There are no restrictions saying you cannot use your disability assistance for your other bills.


To find out if you can apply for adult disability benefits, you can visit the Social Security website at You can go to to fill out the form and see a checklist of the requirements that you need to complete to apply for disability.


What if You Are Experiencing Homelessness While on Disability?

Aside from having difficulty paying rent, people who become disabled may also experience homelessness. If you are experiencing homelessness and have a disability, you have the same rights and privileges in applying for disability benefits as those who are not homeless.


You should inform Social Security during the application process if you are experiencing homelessness so that they can better assist you.


For housing assistance in your area, you can visit the local Housing and Urban Development office in your area.


What If You Also Need Help to Pay for Other Utilities?

Aside from rental assistance for disabled on Social Security, you may also be looking for assistance to pay your utility bills. You should know that the federal Administration for Children and Families offer an assistance program called LIHEAP or Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. You can apply at local offices in your area to help pay for gas and electric utilities as well as heating and cooling costs. The program will provide bill payment assistance and energy crisis aid to families in need.


You might also find it good to know that many companies such as utility and water companies will work with their customers who have limited income to lower their monthly costs. They can also set up payment plans to help you. Contact them about your situation and see how your payments can be reduced.