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The Queens Real Estate Market is Peaking, Now is the Right Time to Sell

by Megan Roth5 min read

Now is the right time to sell for Queens residents.


With an average selling price of $700,000 in Queens, New York, prices are up 7% over the past 12 months. Millennial’s are realizing that the Queens market offers both the urban feel along with the quite suburban environment, while being easily accessible to all forms of transportation. The demand for all these amenities is peaking, and the right time to sell is now.


Along with peak demand there are several new developments coming online in Long Island City and Rego Park with 22,000 units currently under development.  Drive up and down Queens Blvd from LIC to Jamaica and all along the corridor you’ll see new projects springing up.  


All data shows that the current market is at its peak cycle. While no expert can pinpoint exactly when a peak begins or ends, it is widely accepted that the Queens real estate market is plateauing.


So if you are looking to sell your property and maximize your return, now may be the last time you will achieve top dollar for your home within the foreseeable future.


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