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Online Careers with Little to No Startup Money Required

by Mark Sander5 min read

Working from home often sounds like the dream job with complete control over your schedule and your career. Thanks to the advances in technology and the internet, you now have numerous options for an online career. Most of these require very little money to start.


Virtual assistant

More businesses are operating without a physical location. However, they still need someone to answer phones, schedule appointments and respond to emails. A virtual assistant can work remotely to take care of all the tasks.


Business coach

Use your expertise to teach others. You can work with people from all over the world because you can do it all over the internet. Once you set up a website, you can have anyone who is interested sign up.


Freelance content creator

Almost every business is developing an online presence today, and they need content. Not just any content will do, but it must grab their attention and convert them into customers. The need for exceptional writers is only growing, and you can find many opportunities to make an income.


eBay store owner

Setting up your own eBay store is a lucrative business if you have some money to start with. You have to learn how to buy low and sell high to make a profit. Many do their shopping at garage sales on the weekends even while they have a full-time job. Then, they list their wares in the evenings.


T-shirt store

Printing T-shirts is a lot easier than it used to be. Now, you can create individual shirts with catchy phrases and tag lines. Thanks to the influence of social media, you can get customers almost instantly.



If you have expert knowledge in a certain area, you can consult with those who need your knowledge. You must be able to prove your knowledge and show that you can get results. The key is to stand out from everyone else.


Affiliate marketing

Many companies pay others for every lead they bring in or sale they make. You must get the product known and promote it to potential customers. This online career will take more money than other jobs if you really want to be successful, but it is possible.


Social media influencer

You can promote products through your social networks. It only works if you have a large following on one or more networks, but you can make a lot of money.



A vlogger is someone who does video blogging. To be successful, you must have an interesting topic or story to tell to gain a solid following.


Graphic designer or web developer

If you can build a website or design graphics, you’ll have no problem finding plenty of work. You can select the projects of interest to you and set your own price to earn a good living while enjoying life.

You can work from home if you find the right job to suit your personality and interests. Your only limit is what you’re willing to try.