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Here’s the List of 9 Wealthy Bitcoin Millionaires

by Mark Sander5 min read

Bitcoin was a unique currency when it made its debut in 2008. This digital cryptocurrency took some time to gain in popularity, but it has exploded on the financial scene in the last couple of years, making several people wealthy. Here is a list of some of the richest people who have gotten involved in this investment.


Gavin Andersen

Andersen is a well-recognized and respected name in the Bitcoin industry. He is the current developer of the cryptocurrency, managing it on a daily basis. His worth is at $2 million.


Yifu Guo

Guo got his money through Bitcoin by founding a company called Avalon. This company, which came into existence in 2012, manufactured and sold miners. Miners process Bitcoin transactions and add them to the blockchain. While Guo sold his company, he was the first person to reach the millionaire status with this product.




Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are twin businessmen who have achieved financial success in many ways. Their worth is valued at $400 million, $11 million of which is credited to Bitcoin alone. They funded several ventures in this realm, including a Bitcoin exchange known as Gemini.



Tony Gallippi

Gallippi’s claim to fame was to introduce the first Bitcoin payment processor, Bitpay. It has agreements with several major retailers, which has helped build its success. In fact, it currently processes $1 million worth of transactions each day. His worth is at $20 million.



Jered Kenna

Kenna is a former US Marine and he got into Bitcoin early on. At the time, it was worth only 20 cents each, and he took advantage by investing in a large amount. He has used the funds from that initial investment to fund other ventures. His worth now is at $30 million.


Dave Carlson

Carlson earned his wealth through mining Bitcoin. He founded his company MegaBigPower in his home. At one point, he reported that he was mining more than $8 million each month. He is now worth $35 million.


Charlie Shrem

Shrem was another savvy investor who recognized the potential of Bitcoin early on. When he was just 22 years old, he founded a company which was found guilty of money laundering. After being released from prison, Shrem founded another company selling portfolios in companies dealing with block-chain. His net value is at $45 million


Roger Ver

Ver made his money as a Bitcoin startup investor. He even invested in Charlie Shrem’s company. He is a strong advocate of the cryptocurrency, and is now worth $52 million.



Ross Ulbricht

Worth a staggering $100 million, Ulbricht gained his wealth in an unsavory way. He was part of the Dread Pirate Roberts, which created the black market Silk Road. More than 144,000 Bitcoins were seized in a raid, which resulted in the FBI gaining the largest accumulation of Bitcoins in the world.



These millionaires show that Bitcoin has made an impact on the financial world. There’s money to be made in the currency if you know how to find the opportunities.