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Getting A Fast Loan of Up To $1,250 Is Pretty Easy

by Megan Roth5 min read

There are times when you run out of money before payday. You just need a few extra dollars to span the gap or you have an unexpected expense that wasn’t in the budget. With Blue Trust Loans, you can get enough money to help you get by.


How It Works

Customers fill out the online application with their personal information and employment. A customer service representative must verify the information with a phone call. Customers can also call in to Blue Trust Loans for verification. It often takes only five minutes for the application to be approved or rejected, pending verification.

The next step is to send a copy of the verification to the customer’s email after the documents have been signed. The money is then deposited into the bank account, possibly as soon as the next day.


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What are the Requirements?

An applicant must have a source of income which can be verified. The amount of money earned must meet the minimum requirements and it will be the basis for how much money is loaned. Not every applicant will qualify for the full $1250. In fact, first-time applicants receive a maximum of $1000.


The applicant must also have a checking account, and it cannot be one that was just opened. It must be in good standing. The person must also be at least 18 years old, and they must be a citizen of the US. The applicant can’t be in bankruptcy or planning to file for bankruptcy.


The Benefits

Choosing Blue Trust Loans over a payday loan comes with a significant benefit. Payday loans are generally expected to be paid back the next payday or within a short time frame. Blue Trust Loans are installment loans, which means they are paid back over time with more affordable payments.


Customers can pay off the loan early by making larger than the minimum payments or by paying it off in one lump sum. These loans come with different terms to fit the person’s budget. For example, different products exist based on the person’s pay period. Weekly payments have 24 payments for pay off, while monthly payments qualify for 6 months and bi-weekly or semi-monthly payments qualify for a 12 payment option. The goal for all is to pay off the loan within six months.


The benefit of this type of loan over a traditional bank loan is that people with lower credit scores or no previous credit history can qualify. With a bank loan, you must have good credit and meet other stringent requirements. While Blue Trust Loans doesn’t approve every applicant and they also have qualifying criteria, it is usually less stringent than with other financial institutions. People who don’t have any savings and must come up with emergency funds will find an installment loan a solid option.


It’s never fun to need money or have to pay for an unplanned expense. However, thanks to Blue Trust Loans, you can meet your obligations with enough money to cover you until you can get back on your feet.


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