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Finding the Right Financial Advisors Near Me

by Pragati Suman5 min read
financial advisors near me

‘Is there a financial advisors near me?’ You are bound to ask this question not only for early retirement, but for investment ventures, tax management and so on. 


Planning to retire early? Retirement is something you will need to invest on. And investment isn’t something as easy as ABC.

You are going to need a financial advisor to help you understand the complexities of investment and managing your finances.


What is a Financial Advisor

By definition, a financial advisor is a professional gives their clients advice on how to manage their finances efficiently and plan for the future.

He or she needs specific training and license (specifically the Series 65 or 66 license and according to the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) to provide these services.

Your planner will help you set realistic goals, educate you on the right way to make investment decisions and formulating your personal budget


Working with a Financial Advisor

When seeking an expert’s advice on finances, you should still be the one to make the decisions, while the planner teaches you how to make one.

It more practical to consider a financial expert who is fee-only based, instead of commission-based. Both are professionals with integrity mind you.


Fee-only versus Commission-based

For those unfamiliar to working with a planner, it is recommended that you choose one that is called ‘fee-only’ or those who make a living out of their client’s payments.

Commission-based planners tend to recommend products from which he or she makes commission from. In the end, the client’s best interest does not come first.

While fee-only advisors make a living out of giving advice to people who need it and pay for it, the other makes money out of commission.


The Right Financial Planner

You can feel at ease if you can say that:

  • The financial advisor near me is not a middle-man for another investment manager or bank,
  • The financial advisor near me has a good track record of at least five years,
  • The firm or independent financial expert is willing to disclose their Form ADV which is a record of any conflicts with securities trades and other pertinent information,
  • That he or she has advanced degrees in business and finance, has years of experience as an investment analyst or trader,
  • That the financial advisor’s salary comes from you and not from any bank, firm, company that the advisor recommends you invest in – this is called conflict of interest by the way,

The best financial advisor near me and you is one that is bound by law to give advice to serve your best interest.


Trust your gut as well. If something doesn’t feel right with the advisor you are working with, look for another. Interview as many as possible. Ask them where or who pays them, a client or a bank? Check their track record and length of practice.

You can retire without worries if you’ve found the right financial advisor or save up for the future of your family.