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How to Check Social Security Disability Hearing Results

by Mark Sander5 min read
How to Check Social Security Disability Hearing Results

There are strict and specific guidelines that pertain to Social Security Disability claims. The most important rule that you need to comply with in order to be eligible for disability benefits is falling under their definition of disability. If you do not qualify and your claim is rejected, you may file an appeal. You may get representation and a special hearing will be conducted.  This article gives helpful information on how to check social security disability hearing results.


Checking the Status of Your Disability Application Claim

After you have submitted your disability application, your claim will be subject to review. This process may take several months.  You can easily check the status of your application by calling your local Social Security Administration office or checking your claim status online.  If you plan to check online, it is highly recommended that you create a “my Social Security” account. At the initial application stage, you may get two results: either approved or denied.



When your claim is denied, you may appeal for reconsideration. In this stage, you are required to accomplish and submit reconsideration request forms. When your claim is denied and you make an appeal, a special hearing is requested. Your hearing date will be set and you and your legal representative may present your case to the Administrative Law Judge.


All about Social Security’s Hearings and Appeals Office

Aside from understanding the process of your social security disability hearing results, it also helps to know more about the Hearings and Appeals office.  This is actually one of the largest judicial systems in the world, awarding half a million appeals annually. The person who presides over this court is the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The ALJ conducts special hearings and administers decisions.

When you go to the Social Security Administration website, you should be able to get information on how to request a hearing, locating a hearing office, how to request for an appeals council review, filing a civil action request, and file an unfair hearing complaint.


After Getting Social Security Disability Hearing Results: What to do next

It may take several weeks of waiting for your social security disability hearing results. The result could either be one of two things. The first result could be that the judge will find your claim eligible and you start receiving benefits. If the claim is approved, you will receive a Notice of Award letter.  This letter specifically explains how much your benefits are and when they are expected to arrive. 

The second result is that the judge will tell you to stop trying because your claim has been denied.

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When you still want to take this process further, you need legal representation because the last step in the appeals process is a civil lawsuit that is filed against the Social Security Administration.  A Social Security Disability attorney will be able to assist you in presenting your case and proving your entitlement benefits before a Federal court. This Federal Court Appeal is the last step in your claim for disability benefits.