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A Credit Repair Solution For People With People With A Low Credit Score

by Mark Sander5 min read

Credit impacts people’s lives in so many ways. It affects their ability to get financing for homes, cars and even credit cards. It also influences insurance rates and even whether their applications for rental units or jobs will be approved. For people with poor credit or a bad credit history, they may need help to get on the right track.


What is

Unlike many credit repair companies, goes beyond making one-time repairs to your credit reports. They work with customers to develop good credit going forward. Their focus is on repairing inaccurate or outdated information as well as educating the person on future behaviors.


The goal is to make a difference in a person’s credit history that will be reflected for the future. Customers learn what steps to take to prevent new issues to their credit reports.


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What Happens

The first step takes is to get a customer’s credit reports. It’s organized in a way that makes it easy to determine what steps need to be taken to make improvements. This is a concerted effort between the company and the customer. The company only challenges items the customer wants to focus on.


The next step is for the experts at to work with creditors to resolve the situation involving the customer. A unique plan is created for each situation. Then, the information is updated with the credit bureaus which helps the credit reporting to change and the credit score to improve.


The customer has access to different tools and resources so they can track the changes. They have a personal dashboard which shows pertinent information as well as a score tracker and an analysis of issues. Mobile apps and email and text alerts enable the customer to stay informed on the go.


Each situation is different, so the approach created is unique to the customer. This ensures they are receiving the best advice to make progress every month. In fact, according to, seven percent of negative items are removed each month on average. Over time, this can have a real impact on a customer’s ability to get new credit and better rates.


At the same time, the customer becomes educated about credit and finances. This helps to ensure they don’t get back in the same situation again in the future.


Understanding Credit

Many people get into problems because they don’t understand how credit works. Even when they know that making late payments or not paying at all hurts their credit, they may not know what to do. In many of these cases, the problems continue to compound each other.


When a person is going through a bad credit situation, they often don’t know how to fix the problem. They are intimidated by the creditors because they don’t have the money to pay. The average person doesn’t understand how credit accounts and collection agencies work. With, they work with the creditors to determine the validity of the account and ensure only accurate information is included on credit reports. The result is the person has a credit score that allows them to do more.


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