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50 Best Money Saving and Money Making Apps

by Mark Sander5 min read

If you own a mobile device, it could be your ticket to money saving and making.


By allowing you unfettered access to a slew of apps, your phone or tablet can help you get the most affordable prices on services and products, earn gift cards or cash back for purchases. Moreover, you can keep track of your spending to make sure you do not go over budget.


Saving your hard-earned money on the go is one of the things that make life more manageable. We know that you do not have a lot of time and we totally get that. Taking that extra hour in your week to clip coupons will just not happen. Hence, you are better off relying on easy and convenient tools for saving money the easy way.


Get the peace of mind you deserve with these fifty great money saving and money making apps:


1.   Ibotta

This amazing app for Apple and Android devices can help you score rebates whenever you shop. All you have to do is check the list of products or services with available rebates. Next, click on the products that you would like to purchase, and complete a brief task, like taking a poll or watching a video.


Buy the product and then scan your receipt to redeem rebates, which are generally 25 cents. You can also use the loyalty card when checking out in case the store you are shopping from is an Ibotta Preferred Partner.


In addition, you may transfer the amount you have earned to Venmo or PayPal once you have earned $5, or receive your gift card once you have earned $2.


Ibotta is free on both Android and Apple Store.






2.     Last Minute Travel

This is a relatively new app from the website with the same name. Last Minute Travel provides travelers like you access to incredibly low wholesale prices for several hotels in over 150 countries as well as flights from about 175 carriers.


In addition, the app also offers amazing discounts on sporting events, theme parks, and similar activities. Remember that despite its name, the app offers wholesale rates any time – not only for last-minute bookings.


To get an idea of the kind of savings you can make with this app, we compared hotel rates in Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago. The prices were typically lower, by at least $10 but up to $100 or even more. Hence, you get greater savings than other similar apps, such as Expedia,, and Priceline.


 Last Minute Travel is free on both Android and Apple Store.



Last Minute Travel



3.     Mint

Known popularly as the “Beyoncé” of most personal finance apps on the market, Mint is a little powerhouse that enables you to track all your financial activity and transactions. You can add all your accounts to this app, including savings, checking, and retirement!


Each financial transaction is recorded and categorized automatically. The app notes the user’s spending patterns and creates a budget.


In addition, on the iPad, Mint generates valuable graphs in order to provide you with visual representations of your cash flow and net worth. If you are concerned with security, keep in mind that this app is password protected. Moreover, you can deactivate access whenever you want from your phone or tablet through the Mint website, which is great.


It is an excellent way for keeping tabs on your financial health and identifying any potential problems. Moreover, you can download Mint for free from the Android and Apple Store.






4.   Turo

If you need wheels, note that official car-rental companies are not your one and only option. This is where Turo comes in; it is a great peer-to-peer rental service that lets individual vehicle owners rent out their rides — generally at prices that are far below many airport brands you may know.


SUVs, convertibles and minivans may be available for as low as $50 per day depending on your location.


Another great thing about this app is that many owners using Turo will deliver vehicles directly to the renters or arrange for the cars to be dropped off at a prearranged meet-up location or an airport. The app is available in three languages: English, German and French.


You can download Turo free from the Android or Apple Store.






5.   SigFig

This is a great app if you are looking to build your wealth. SigFig is an easy to use app. It is one of the best apps on the market for investors who are using robo-advisers for the first time.


The app is incredibly convenient as it enables you to receive timely and free portfolio analysis as well as track all your different investment accounts in one comprehensive dashboard.


Another bonus is that even if you do not have an account managed by SigFig, the app will still compute optimal allocation of your diverse holdings and also compare and assess your earnings with several indices.


If you want to open your SigFig account there is a 0.25 percent annual fee, but your initial investment of up to $10,000 is managed freely.


SigFig is free on both Android and Apple Store.   





6.   PocketGuard

PocketGuard is another great app that neatly and conveniently lays out all your financial transactions as well as bill payments in more than one format, where you may set up monthly or quarterly savings goals and spending limits for specific categories such as restaurants and entertainment.


In addition, you may add short notes to your payments to detail your transactions further, which will likely be quite helpful when you are planning major events such as a vacation or a wedding.


For protection, PocketGuard uses a username and password, and a four-digit PIN for locking the app. The company also uses SSL encryption to store all information it gathers about you.


Download PocketGuard free on Android and Apple Store.






7.   Mercari

This is another incredible money making app. If you own any gently-used items or products and are looking to offload them, just list them on this app with a description, photo, and price. Once any buyer purchases the product, you may ship it using a pre-addressed and prepaid envelope, courtesy of Mercari.


After the customer gets the package, they will rate their purchase and issue payment. Mercari is great as it takes only ten percent of every sale as its transaction fee. This fee is lower than the standard twenty percent a majority of Mercari’s charge.


You can sell a variety of products on this app such as sporting goods, toys, jewelry, electronics and shoes.


Download Mercari for free on Android and Apple Store.






8.   Swagbucks

By far, this app remains one of America’s favorite and most used money saving & making apps. It is ideal whether you want to make more cash in spare hours or on the move. Moreover, you don’t have to use your computer. This app, also called SB Answer, from Swagbucks is extremely easy to use.


After registering, you can take part in dozens of simple online surveys during your free time or commutes. In addition, SB Answer also allows users to post reviews of their local shopping experience at specific stores or retail outlets in their vicinity. You could join Swagbucks online survey community right now by simply registering on this app.


Swagbucks has almost 18 million members who have received over US$ 150 million worth of free shopping cards for their services. Swagbucks is one of the most popular and hottest online survey apps if you are looking to make money in the US and many other countries.


The app is available free of cost on both Android and Apple Store.






9.   RedLaser

If you love shopping, you will love this app. You can use RedLaser when you are shopping to scan the barcodes of products or items easily to know if they are selling for less online or at other retail outlets.


If the retail outlet you are shopping at has a price-matching policy, then you might be able to use RedLaser as evidence that another retailer(s) have the same item or product for a lower price.


Unlike many other price-comparison apps we reviewed, RedLaser’s results pages are incredibly well organized. This app displays both local and online prices for the products you have scanned, and you may easily toggle between the two result screens.


The quality of most barcode scanning apps usually boils down to two key things: how well the scanners work and how fast results appear. In the case of this app, results are fast and the scanner is amazing, as well.


RedLaser for Android and iPhone also allows you to scan the barcodes from various store loyalty cards and keep them securely in a single place. The app is also free on both platforms, which is great.






10.   Shopkick

Through this app you could earn points (also called “kicks”). You can redeem these points for various gift cards whenever you use Shopkick on Android or Apple devices at any participating retailer like Best Buy, Macy’s, Target and Old Navy.


You can earn points by simply activating this app at a retail store entrance as you walk in; that being said, you will be able to earn even more points if you scan different products and make purchases. Another great thing about this app is that you may link your Visa or MasterCard to this app in order to earn extra points on your qualifying purchases.


 You do not need to invest a single cent in this app. It is very fun to use; it may remind you of a digital scavenger hunt. Moreover, the extensive rewards section is sufficiently diverse for anyone to find something they will enjoy. The app’s user-interface is contemporary and quite easy to understand.


The app is available free of cost on both Android and Apple Store.






11.   You Need a Budget

Well, the name pretty much says it all: You Need a Budget is an incredibly detailed yet easy to use and intuitive budget interface.


The app software runs by four straightforward rules: 1) Give each dollar a specific job, 2) Save for your rainy days, 3) Live on your last month’s income and 4) Roll with the punches. The goal of YNAB is simple, which is to radically change the manner you manage funds and to create simpler and stress-free finances.


This app is also supplemental to the $70 software that you buy for your Mac or Windows and is designed to allow users to easily check their budgetary restrictions and transactions on the go.


Therefore, if you want to turn your personal finances around or get a better and more comprehensive understanding of your specific financial situation, buying the software is definitely worth the investment.


You can download this app free on Android and Apple Store.



You Need a Budget



12.   iPoll

This is an incredible money saving & making app that rewards you for completing a variety of location-based “missions,” such as providing your opinion on products and services you have tested or used or stores you have visited, which is simple and fun.


For every mission that you complete, you will earn rewards points that you can redeem for things such as gift cards or airline points, or you can simply cash out via PayPal. Another wonderful thing is that you will also be automatically entered into an amazing quarterly sweepstakes where you can win up to $10,000.


The app has several positive reviews on both Apple and Play Store.


Signing up for this app is quick and simple. All you need to do is create your password and confirm the email, and then you are ready to go! It is that simple. Alternatively, you may sign up with your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account.


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store.






13.   Sweatcoin

This app is a little different from other money making apps on our list in that once you link your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to Sweatcoin, the app would start to track your steps. You will earn 0.95 “sweatcoins,” for every 1,000 steps, which you can redeem for fitness classes, gear, or hard cash. Alternatively, in case all those endorphins have you feeling more generous, you may donate all your earnings to a charity.


However, keep in mind that the only steps, which count toward your Sweatcoin earnings, are the ones you take outdoors. Moreover, this app does not sync with Fitbits or similar other fitness trackers. Rather, Sweatcoin relies on your smartphone’s step tracking software.


The app is quite simple, and fairly easy to navigate. The simplicity and intuitiveness of its interface is praiseworthy. It is easy to see exactly how many coins you have earned in one day, the number of coins you’ve saved, and who is and is not on your friends list.


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store.






14.   Foap

If you are a photographer looking to make some extra dough on the side this app is perfect for you. Whether you’re a novice photographer or a pro, you can easily make plenty of money selling your top-notch smartphone photographs on the Foap platform.


Once you download the app, you will have to create your account with either Facebook or an email account. After you fill out all your profile information, you will be requested to rate 5 photos before you upload your own photos. After you upload your photograph and create relevant license, tags, and description, other users on Foap would rate your photo.


Keep in mind that you will get $5 each time an agency or brand buys any of your photographs. Also, you can enter to win bigger rewards of as much as $100 by joining various “missions,” where users have to submit pictures of certain items or scenes.


You can download this app for free on Android and Apple Store.






15.   Musely

Musely offers a great marketplace for eco-friendly and affordable beauty and home products, and an ideal platform for women and girls to get and share advice about leading a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Muses,” who’ve already submitted more than one million tips regarding everything from fashion to wellness to home decor, can easily and quickly earn money by referring their friends and family to this platform and by collecting hefty commissions from various products that they recommend.


You can easily shop organic and prevailing brands on the market. The items on offer include gluten-free cake mixes and toxin-free nail polishes, among others. You can browse through the app’s list of ever-growing products and tips to discover your favorites! The app is simple to use and has a great interface.


You can download this app free on Android and Apple Store and join a growing community where you can effectively work towards your goals.






16.   Waze

In case you are on the road often, you could save money and time with this great app for Apple and Android devices. Waze provides you with real-time and up to date traffic information, which their users contribute. As a result, you could find the most suitable route while avoiding backups (and save gas in the process).


In addition, you can use Waze for finding the most affordable gas station on your route. As crucial as mapping accuracy and precision is, the not-so-secret weapon of Waze is the accuracy of the traffic as well as incident data. If this app says there is a traffic jam or incident on a specific stretch of road, it is likely that it is correct.


The only thing where Waze falls a little flat is the user interface. Although the maps are quite easy to read, this app’s Reporting and Menu buttons are very small and tucked inconveniently into the lower corner of the screen.


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store.






17.   RetailMeNot

This incredible app for Apple and Android devices has thousands of gift coupons from a very long list of retailers that you can simply show cashiers at checkout for amazing savings. The app is incredibly easy to use. You could search for the coupons by either category or store. Some of the popular categories include clothing, food, electronics and travel.

 On the other hand, you can just peruse the hottest deals of the day. In addition, with this app you can easily sign up and get alerts whenever there are great deals at your nearby stores.


You can get deals from Victoria’s Secret, J Crew, Starbucks, Sephora, Target,  Bed Bath and Beyond, Bloomingdale’s, Forever 21, and hundreds more!


You can download this app free on Android and Apple Store and start saving and work toward your financial goals.






18.   SnipSnap

Similar to RetailMeNot, this app is an incredible mobile coupon haven. That said, SnipSnap also lets users take photos of printed coupons from a number of different retailers. Then, the app converts them into mobile-ready and digital ones.


You may also browse its online directory to see those coupons, which your friends have “snipped.”SnipSnap also sends you notifications every time the coupons are close to their expiration date. This way you could use them in time before they go to waste.


 It is an incredible feature that could help you make the most of the coupons, and thereby saving plenty of money, you would’ve otherwise missed out on.

Another great feature of this app is that it allows you to share coupons. Therefore, you can send their coupons to anyone. A great money saving app too.


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store.






19.   LoungeBuddy

You do not have to pay annual membership fees or be a frequent flier in order to enjoy exclusive lounges at airport. LoungeBuddy is a valuable app that offers one-day lounge access at various airports throughout the globe for as little as $25, which is great for your budget.


The perks usually include free food, hot showers, alcohol, and business centers and other amenities, as well as a quiet and relaxing escape from the usual frenzied scene a majority of airports are known for.


Loungebuddy is perfect for you if you’ve a longer layover; also, keep in mind that your lounge pass could even be more affordable than what you would pay at a standard airport restaurant,  Loungebuddy is a money saving app also.


The LoungeBuddy app can find airport lounges easily based on your current location and trip itineraries, enhancing them with reviews, ratings, as well as photos that other users have uploaded.


It is also possible for users to book great pay-for-lounge spots and pay right in this app. Moreover, what is even better is the fact that the app is available free on Android and Apple Store.






20.   Credit Karma

If you are trying to improve your credit score, the Credit Karma app for Apple and Android devices is an indispensable and free tool. This app will provide you with an updated credit score which is sourced from TransUnion and Equifax.


While it is not the FICO score (which many banks and other lenders use), the number will provide you a good idea of where you are standing. And that is not all; you could also access as well as monitor your whole credit report via this app, as well as get amazing money saving tips and new and better ways to enhance your score.


That being said, you should keep one thing in mind: You will need to enter your personal information like Social Security number on sign-up, and the app shares this information with Equifax, which suffered a big data breach a couple of years ago.


You can download this app free on Android and Apple Store and start improving your credit score and other financial goals.



Credit Karma



21.   Chime Banking

Chime operates as an actual bank, which means that you can easily open your checking account (this app calls it “Spending”, for some reason) or your savings account and get the Visa debit card.


One of the best features is called “Save When I Spend”; it rounds up a financial transaction to the nearest dollar figure and transfers this sum of money to your savings account, which is great. Another great feature is called “Save When I Get Paid”, which will saving ten percent of each paycheck, which is deposited in the checking account.


And the best part is that there aren’t any monthly fees, overdraft or account minimums. These features make banking with this app easy and convenient. It is one of the few mobile-only banks, which have cropped up recently.


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store. What more could you ask for!



Chime Banking



22.   Poshmark

This is an excellent peer-to-peer marketplace if you are looking to swap shoes, clothes, and accessories. The app would help you snag some of the top fashion brands such as Lululemon, Gucci, Tory Burch, and North Face for as much as 70% off the retail price.


You have the option to browse by brand, modify searches by a certain price range, or even click the amazing “New with Tags” in order to browse items that are essentially brand new.


Poshmark also offers you a free and amazing “concierge service” for purchases over $500, which verifies the authenticity of the item; as a result, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are not buying a knockoff.


In addition, the app is also handy for people who are cleaning out their closets: Listings for gently used or never used items are free, but the app will take a 20% commission.


You can download this app free on Android and Apple Store.






23.   SavingStar

SavingStar is another great money saving app. This digital coupon app covers hundreds of drugstores and grocery stores and links to all your individual and prudent store loyalty cards. Yes, it is true that you need to have loyalty cards in order to get rewards.


Users can choose any digital coupons they want to use while the rewards are applied to their loyalty card; once you have reached $5 in savings, then you can earn cash! In addition, you could even opt for the cash savings to go toward donations and social causes such as the American Forests.


As SavingStar is not a fixed program, it means that developer are constantly striving to improve their app by adding new and better deals on an almost daily basis – which is simply awesome! So, in case they do not have any of your favorite products today, maybe they would tomorrow or the next week! All you have to do is check again to find out.


You can download this app free on Android and Apple Store.






24.   Viggle

Viggle is a great app that awards users like you for watching TV! The app lets you “check in” to any show you are watching to earn points, which can be redeemed for amazing rewards from places such as Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, and other similar great brands.


In addition, you could earn extra points by playing games and testing your television IQ. The Viggle app also allows you to easily interact with your friends and family. Note that at times the “audio sampling” feature on the app can be buggy.


The app allows you to earn as much as 60,000 points each month. Keep in mind that a single minute of ‘’Viggling’’ is equal to one point on Viggle. Also, it is worth mentioning that the number of points you earn depend on the music or show being played. Viggle has certain features, which you must interact with to earn; these include adverts as well as prompts during commercial breaks.


This is how the app ensures you don’t just leave your smartphone close to your TV set and go about doing your own business. There are no credit card prompts or membership fee while creating an account, which is great.


You can download this app free on Android and Apple Store.






25.   Key Ring

With the incredible Key Ring app, you do not need to weight down your key chain with a lot of miniature loyalty cards from various retailers (or gym, library, and other membership cards). You can use this convenient app for Apple and Android devices for scanning and storing the barcodes from all your cards.


Then, all you have to do is show these scanned barcodes whenever you check out in order to get your different loyalty program rewards and discounts.


In addition, this app also lets users search for lots of coupons from over 13,000 retailers and brands, browse exclusive weekly and monthly sales as well as add items to their shopping list. The Key Ring is also very easy to use. A built in scanner allows you to upload your loyalty cards with ease.


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store. What more could you ask for!



Key Ring



26.   Grocery IQ

With Grocery IQ, you can stay on task while avoiding impulse purchases. This app is an incredibly detailed and comprehensive grocery shopping list platform. You cannot only create grocery lists by easily searching through millions of items and products in this app’s extensive database, but you could also use barcode scanning or voice recognition.


Grocery IQ for Apple and Android devices also has a nifty store locator feature that offers coupons. As a result, this app is essential for busy families or for anyone who is trying to make sure their grocery budget stays under control.


The ability to make lists for various stores and different group items by aisle is incredibly handy. As the barcode scanner is a tad slow, this app might be better for people who prefer using the keyword search function.


You can download this app free on Android and Apple Store.



Grocery IQ



27.   AirHelp

What type of financial compensation are you owed in case your flight is canceled, delayed, or over-booked? Alternatively, in case you damage or lose your luggage during your flight?


This app can come to your rescue in these stressful situations. With AirHelp, you could scan the boarding pass, and this convenient service would track if and exactly when you are owed money by the airline. It is worth mentioning that AirHelp claims that the average claim pays about $450 to the aggrieved traveler, which is substantial.


AirHelp uses its customized database of international flight disruptions in order to validate claims and generates and submits the claims electronically to ensure that the process is as smooth and quick as possible.


Although there is no fee for the app’s tracking service, the app takes 25% of the compensation paid.


You can download this app free on Android and Apple Store.






28.   Affirm

If you like a layaway option, then Affirm is the perfect app for you. It lets you conveniently spread out payments for a variety of online purchases at several merchants such as Rooms to Go, Wayfair, and Joybird Furniture among others.


Based primarily on your credit score (which Affirm will verify) you may pay an APR between 10% and 30% on products you have purchased. Therefore, for example, if you purchase a product over $100, you may choose to repay it in three, 6, or 12 months; on the other hand, for purchases in the range of $50 and $99, you can choose from either 3 or 6 months.


Therefore, if you are looking for that couch upgrade and do not want to fork over plenty of money at once, then this are an excellent option that can get you comfortable, real quick.


You can download this app free on Android and Apple Store.






29.   Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is a fantastic food app. It makes health-conscious and nutritious salads using fresh ingredients; and, there is no reason for you to wait in long lunch lines at any of its many locations throughout the country.


This app allows you to choose seasonal salads or one of the regular ones. In addition, you can craft your own, and then pick it up whenever you want. In addition, there is one very notable reward: you will get free salad. Also, by spending $100 within one year (which is surprisingly easy to do), you can automatically receive a credit of $10 on your birthday which is valid for up to 30 days.


The design of the app is streamlined and sleek, with a rather simplistic feel that is reminiscent of Uber. Not surprisingly, perhaps, you could even call Uber for picking you up and get you to your green salad.


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store.






30.   OpenTable

OpenTable offers the most convenient and simple way to make a reservation at any number of high-end or fine-dining restaurants. Keep in mind that each time you book a table you are also racking up valuable points, which you could easily track on this app.


In addition, once you reach 1,100 points, you will get a nice $20 reward that you can redeem at any restaurant, which is affiliated with OpenTable; you can also snatch an Amazon gift card worth $10 if you prefer. We agree that it will likely take a little while to get there, but if you tend to eat out regularly, it is a no-brainer.


To use this app, you will need an account, which you can create freely with your email address and password. Its new mobile payment feature is great, in particular as it is not restricted to iPhone and Android owners who have the latest devices.


OpenTable is free on both Android and Apple Store.






31.   Grocery Pal

Grocery Pal is another incredible app that does a little bit of everything. The app allows you to make lists as well as compare prices at several different stores. In addition, you can scroll through a slew of available coupons and discounts, which you can easily print for use.


Although we admit this app lacks in aesthetics and may be a little ungainly to use at times, once you master it, plenty of savings would roll in.


You can find savings from many stores like CVS/pharmacy, SAFEWAY, Wal-Mart, RiteAid, Amazon, Target, Dollar General, Albertsons, and many more!  


This app is perfect for people who want to save money and do not prefer spending a lot of time flipping through their Sunday circulars. 


You can download Grocery Pal free on Android and Apple Store.



Grocery Pal



32.   Instacart

The famous adage “Time is money” has never been more relevant than it is nowadays. Instacart makes sure you saving your hard-earned dollars by helping you considerably. It enables you to browse with ease, shop for a variety of food items at many local stores, and have them delivered to you on the same day.


In addition, this easy-to-use app can saving you plenty of dollars by highlighting available savings on selected items and allows you to add and use coupons.


However, you will need to pay a delivery fee on the items you purchase, and sometimes, prices for certain items maybe marked up. However, for people working overtime or a side job, this app easily frees up precious time and increases your cash cow. Instacart contracts with more than 4,000 independent personal shoppers working in fifteen cities throughout the country.


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store.






33.   Lyft

Lyft is one of the mega apps in the rideshare space. Although their service region is a bit more restricted compared to Uber, they provide a similar service and incredible money making opportunity to their users. The great thing about Lyft is that the payout for their drivers is a little more generous than Uber; as a result, this can be a much better opportunity, especially for drivers operating in big metro areas.


Many drivers work for both Uber and Lyft in order to optimize their time as well as pack in more rides while available to work. Just like Uber, as a driver you will have to meet various requirements such as minimum car, age, as well as background check.


The app is extremely easy to use and well designed. It is free on both Android and Apple Store.






34.   GameFly

A majority of gamers have probably heard of (and used) Gamefly. You will be glad to know that this app goes a long way to further solidify this brand as an incredible, money saving resource. With GameFly, you can browse, pre-order, rent, or buy your favorite game titles at killer prices. In addition, you can stay up to date on the latest video games news.


In addition, you can earn amazing GameFly rewards as well as use coupons in order to saving even more money. And that is not all as the “Game of the Day” feature is incredibly nice as it highlights a discounted or free game every day.


You will receive notifications on your smartphone when your next favorite game ships. Moreover, this app also has a modest social component as it allows you to chat with others gamers about the video games they are playing. 


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store.






35.   Expensify

Expensify is a fantastic money saving app which is designed with easy and quick expense reporting in mind. This makes Expensify perfect for traveling business people or salespeople. You can take photographs of receipts, record travel related expenses, and keep track of miles traveled all on a single platform in order to make life a bit easier.


One of the great parts about the app’s receipt photography is that Expensify is able to easily read all the values on your receipt; as a result, no manual entry is needed. In addition, if you are not good at keeping proper track of your different receipts, the app allows you to import your credit transactions digitally.


You can download Expensify free on Android and Apple Store.






36.   Acorns

Acorns is a great money saving & making app that rounds up all your purchases on your debit and credit cards that you have linked to the app. The differential amount is transferred automatically to your Acorns account.


The account is a vital part of the app’s investing platform. Your savings are invested in profitable exchange-traded funds. You may choose to invest in aggressive or conservative funds depending on your risk appetite. If you are a college student, you can use Acorns freely for up to 4 years while others have to pay a fixed monthly fee.


The company has partnered with big brands such as Airbnb and Blue Apron, meaning these companies return a specific percentage of the purchase, which are placed in an Acorns savings account. The app has several positive reviews on both Apple and Play Store.


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store.






37.   HoneyFi

If you are married or are in a relationship, you will love HoneyFi. It is an excellent money-saving app that helps couples coordinate in order to make the most of their funds. As couples usually argue a lot about money and the way it should be invested and spent, it makes a lot of sense that an app was created to take the animosity and misunderstanding out of finances.


This money app helps simplify how couples organize and track their finances to minimize their misunderstandings as well as eliminate mistrust.


 For instance, with this app you can create your household budget, comment on and label transactions, and exchange information on all your accounts and bank statements. The app is well designed and is easy to use.


You can download HoneyFi free on Android and Apple Store.






38.   Digit

Digit is a fantastic money saving app that does all the thinking and acts when it comes to saving money on your behalf. It can do a much better job than you may think; plus, it can take the huge burden off your shoulders.


The app considers your current income as well as expenditures. Then it calculates the amount you can save and places that amount in a profitable and FDIC-insured Digit account. In most cases, this app goes through your income and expenses and performs this analysis about two to four times in a week.


 Digit gives users the ability to make a savings bonus of one percent, which is paid after every 3 months. The amount you earn is based largely on your average daily balance held in your Digit account during the same period of 3 months. You can use the app free for the first 100 days after which you will incur a monthly fee.


The app is free on both Android and Apple Store.






39.   LivingSocial

This app is similar to Groupon and you could use it to get hand-held access to all the exciting Living Social’s deals. You can search for incredible discounts in your city and get up to date alerts on various fun local events.


The app lets you saving in restaurants, hotels, and other places. In addition, the discounts are excellent for gifts. And there is an added bonus: in case you receive a discount and share it on any of your social media account and three of your friends buy the exact same deal, you will get yours without any charge!


A nice thing about LivingSocial is that with this app you can “customize” the search results and get amazing deals specifically for your area.  It is particularly great in case you are looking for a simple way for saving some bucks on a night out or looking to save your hard-earned money on a movie.


You can download LivingSocial free on Android and Apple Store.






40.   Trim

Trim is an excellent money-saving app and works just like your own personal finance assistant. All of your accounts can be linked securely to this app. This allows the app to analyze every transaction you conduct and recommend areas where you can cut back such as subscriptions or those frequent trips to the nearest coffee shop.


Then, this great machine-enabled app gets to work and finds you even more economical service providers such as cable, the internet and car insurance among others. It can even cancel any subscription for you if you do not need it.


You will receive text updates regarding how your various accounts are doing and instantly see any automatic changes, which have been made. It is worth mentioning that this is an excellent option for a majority of self-employed folks who are looking for a great personalized financial assistant.


Trim is free on both Android and Apple Store.






41.   Listia

If you need something, but do not feel like paying for the item, then Listia can be helpful. This is because the app allows you to get recycled furniture, jewelry, clothes, and other similar items without spending a buck.


You can easily pay with your in-app credits; you earn these credits by getting rid of products and stuff that you do not need. It is like a traditional swap in many ways but tailored for the Digital Age. The app offers a unique and convenient approach to selling and buying goods through an auction website venue; you will be hard-pressed to find something similar elsewhere. Rather than selling and buying goods with cash, you can buy and offload items with credits.


You can download the app for free on both Android and Apple Store.






42.   Kango

Often described by many as “Uber for kids,” Kango is a great platform that allows users to earn money by carting high school and preschool kids around in their car and offering childcare when needed (of course, once you have completed a thorough and detailed background check).


 Parents can receive data in real time on your location; also, they could interact with you directly through the app. The app essentially merges the idea of hiring a babysitter who also drives with Uber.


It is important to keep in mind that all Kango drivers as well as sitters have sufficient childcare experience, as it is an essential part of the screening criteria. This means that not just anyone could sign up for this app. This is reassuring for parents as it gives them the peace of mind they need.


Kango is free on both Android and Apple Store.






43.   Fluid Market

If you have an SUV or truck that you are not using a lot, then you could rent it out with ease through the amazing Fluid Market app. The app also allows you to set up a feature called “lockbox”, which lets you lend someone the car even if you are not available to personally hand over the keys.


 As per the company’s website, users can easily earn up to $24,000 a year if they rent their truck or SUV on Fluid, which is just awesome.


The Fluid Market App would take up to 20% of each transaction. The company claims that this helps pay for the upkeep and insurance of the marketplace. As a result, keep this in mind when you are pricing your item. The app has an intuitive design and interface and is very easy to use.


You can download Fluid Market for free on both Android and Apple Store.



Fluid Market



44.   App Trailers

Nowadays, there are so many great apps out there in the market that it is not possible to try all of them! This is where this app comes in handy.


With AppTrailers, you could watch “trailers” or short clips of apps, which give you a walk through of the way an app functions and whether or not it will be useful for you. A majority of trailers is thirty seconds or less; and the best part is that you can earn plenty of points towards gift cards merely by watching these trailers.


In addition, you could also earn points if you take quizzes and play games on this app. All you have to do is create an account with your email address or via social media information. Once the app confirms your account information, it is ready to use. You can start watching videos or playing games and earn points. You will get five points for each video you watch and fifty points for signing up. 


App Trailers is free on both Android and Apple Store.



App Trailers



45.   Freebird

You can think of this great app as a valuable insurance policy for an airline ticket. Keep in mind that the service will cost you about $19 for a one-way airline ticket, while $34 in case of a round trip.


In case you face a flight cancellation or a delay of over 4 hours, you have the option to rebook through Freebird’s simple-to-use search engine on a different fight. You can even book a ticket with a different airline at no extra charge.


In addition, the best part is that you will not need to call your airline’s customer service or wait for hours in line at the airport. The app has several positive reviews on both Apple and Play Store.


You can download Freebird free on both Android and Apple Store.






46.   Hopper

It is often hard to ensure that you are getting the most affordable price on airfare; that said, Hopper is a great app as it helps minimize the odds that you will seriously overpay, which is a godsend for frequent travelers.


Keep in mind that Hopper is not just a great flight search engine, which sifts through airfares from over 250 airlines and highlights the most economical days to fly, the app also uses past data in order to predict if prices will increase or drop in the near future.


 Another great thing about Hopper is that it can keep track of flight prices and send you timely alerts in case fares drop on your route.


Hopper has a couple of limitations that you should know before you use the app. One major limitation is the app does not support flight cancellations and modifications. This is why you will have to contact Hopper support for any changes in booking.


Hopper is free on both Android and Apple Store.






47.   Ebates

Ebates is an incredible app if you are looking to make some extra dough on the side. The app is similar to Ibotta, and awards you with as much as forty percent cash back on a variety of items you would often buy.


The app partners with more than 2,500 stores and retail outlets, which include Amazon, Wal-Mart, Groupon, Best Buy and Expedia among others. In addition, you could easily set this app to send you notifications whenever there are new coupons available.


Once you choose a particular item or product you would like to buy, Ebates would also inform you which retail stores are selling that specific item and the amount of cash back you will get from each store. To sweeten the deal Ebates is now offering a bonus of $10 when you purchase your first item using the app, which is great.


Best of all, the app is free to use and you will not have to pay a dime to Ebates. The app has been around since 2005, which indicates that it has lived up to its expectations.  


You can download Ebates free on both Android and Apple Store.






48.   Slidejoy

Slidejoy is a very popular money saving & making app. According to CNET, you can earn an average of $10 to $15 a month just for putting adverts on your Apple or Android device. Each time that you check your smartphone, you will see a card with a promotion or news story.


There are three options; you could slide left in order to learn more about the news story or promotion, slide up to view another card or slide right if you want to use your smartphone as normal.


Keep in mind that you do not receive any less or more money for engaging or interacting with the content. As a result, you make money doing nothing.


You can keep the money you have earned or if you are feeling generous, you can donate it to causes such as Got Your Six, the Jericho Project, or You can redeem your earnings via PayPal.


The app is extremely easy to use and well designed. It is free on both Android and Apple Store.






49.   Field Agent

With this app, you can earn approximately $5 to $12 for each task if you complete simple jobs, like visiting your nearest discount retail store and taking a photo of an assigned item or product and verifying its price.


You can view and choose tasks in the app, and you have to complete them within 2 hours, once claimed.


You can download this app on your Android or iOS device, then complete your profile and start earning money that reaches your Dwolla or PayPal account. It is that simple! Field Agent is a reputable app and hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses as well as major companies, like General Electric, Walgreens and Johnson & Johnson use it.


Using this app is a breeze even for the most technologically inept. Getting the money saving is quite easy. The PayPal or bank transfer transactions are quick and simple, and getting your money in-hand is not an issue.


You can download Field Agent free on both Android and Apple Store.



Field Agent



50.   Qapital

Qapital is another fantastic money saving app that is fun to use and does not nickel-and-dime users with pesky fees. It lets you set specific “rules” in order to automate savings.


For instance, Qapital could round up the spare change to the nearest dollar every time you spend money. The app will transfer this amount to an account that the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corp insures. On the other hand, you may contribute a lump sum to the fund on a frequent basis.


You will need an external checking account that you can link to Qapital so you can fund your various goals. Moreover, one of the best things is that Qapital is fee-free.


With this app, you can earn 0.10 percent interest on all your Qapital accounts. Although it is a low interest rate for a savings account, it is better than earning nothing. Also, keep in mind that withdrawing funds from the Qapital account will usually take two business days.

Qapital maintains that they don’t sell your personal information to any third-party companies or affiliates and that your sensitive data is encrypted between the app and the servers, which gives users the peace of mind they deserve.


Overall, the Qapital app is an easy and great way to put funds away toward any financial goal without actively thinking about it.


Qapital is free on both Android and Apple Store.







Making and  money saving is easier than ever with these apps. Use these apps to improve your financial situation, to get rid of debts, and to make money on the side.