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The 13 Most Famous YouTubers of All Time

by Ryan Kinnar5 min read
Meet these famous youtubers

Like it or not, YouTube is the new face of modern TV. It is where the next generation of celebrities comes from. Famous YouTubers like JennaMarbles, PewDiePie, and Yuya, among others, have accumulated millions of subscribers since day one. The platform alone has helped them built a huge following without the help or influence of media giants. From comedians to vloggers to gamers, YouTube has become a home for individuals who want to achieve popularity on their own. While it is true that there are tons of YouTubers out there, only a few of them are actually accumulating millions of subscribers.

Introducing the Most Famous YouTubers of All Time

Take a closer look at today’s famous YouTubers and see just how huge their channels have become.


#1. PewDiePie

PewDiePie (or Felix Kjellberg in real life) is perhaps the most followed influencer and gamer on all of YouTube. His channel has managed to gather around 58.2 million subscribers. He loves doing “Let’s Play” videos and commentaries addressing various topics of sorts. The Swedish gamer is deemed as one of the richest YouTube millionaires, and is said to earn at least $12 million annually.


Famous YouTubers like PewDiePie
PewDiePie is one of the most famous YouTubers our there


#2. ElrubiusOMG

This Spanish superstar named Ruben Doblas Gundersen loves to create gaming and sketch comedy videos. Gundersen is among those famous YouTubers who keep their following updated with weekly videos, thus leveraging success in the community. Surprisingly, his most accomplished materials are a best-selling book about interactive challenges and a comic book series. His YouTube following sits at 26.5 million.



Whindersson Nunes Batista is a comedian and singer from Brazil. He is the man behind the popular whinderssonnunes, a channel featuring parodies, songwriting, and vlogs. Batista has one of the fastest growing channels on the platform, amassing a following of 25.2 million. And mind you, he did all of these in just a span of 4 years.



#4. Fernanfloo

Known as Luis Alvarado in real life, Fernanfloo jumpstarted one of YouTube’s internationally known gaming channel sometime in 2011. And since then, he has accumulated over 6 billion views. The 24-year-old YouTuber first started as a gaming enthusiast, but as time went by, he moved his passion onto other mediums. This guy even has his own mobile app, which received more or less 2.3 million downloads on its first launch. As of this writing, Alvarado maintains 25.1 million subscribers.


#5. Dude Perfect

Coby, Cody, Garett, and Taylor – all of whom were college roommates – first started their channel called Dude Perfect in 2009. They share videos about various sports trick shots, but little did they know that their channel would result in multiple apps, a television show, and even a published book. While they are mostly known for their trick shots, the boys are also fond of comedic skits. They now entertain 24.5 million subscribers.


Famous YouTubers - #5
Dude Perfect is another one in the list of famous YouTubers


#6. JuegaGerman

The ever-captivating channel JuegaGerman is piloted by none other than German Garmendia, who started his YouTube adventure in 2013. He first ventured with his now-defunct HolaSoyGerman channel, creating hilarious skits of different types. Garmendia is not only a comedian but also a lover of music, entertaining 22.8 million subscribers on his channel.



#7. Smosh

Most famous YouTubers are into commentary and pop culture skits videos, but Andrew Hecox and Daniel Padilla are on a whole new level. Started in 2005, the Smosh channel has now become a network consisting of several actors. These guys also have secondary YouTube channels, namely, Smosh Games, Smosh Pit, and Shut Up! Cartoons. And, oh, they also have a plethora of mobile apps and a full-length film (i.e. Smosh: The Movie) to their names. Their channel currently has 22.7 million subscribers.


#8. VanoosGaming

Like PewDiePie, Evan Frog’s VanoosGaming is also famous for “Let’s Play” gaming videos and commentaries. The Canadian gamer started his channel in 2011 and now holds over 21.8 million subscribers. Fong also heads an animated YouTube Red Series called “The Paranormal Action Squad,” which is known for adapting the said format in creating compilation videos. He is one of the famous YouTubers hailed for creating funny gaming comments.


#9. Nigahiga

If you are wondering who the person responsible for the Nigahiga YouTube channel is, it is none other than Ryan Higa. The comedic genius first uploaded his “How to Be” video sometime in 2007. It is basically a hilarious skit that teaches people how to become a ninja. This unique video style of his has gradually become a cornerstone on the platform, leading to a success that materialized into a feature-length film. He is currently entertaining 20.3 million subscribers.


Nigahiga - in the list of famous youtubers
Of the most famous YouTubers Nigahiga


#10. Yuya

When talking about a YouTuber who has millions more subscribers than other females on the platform, it is definitely Yuya (Mariand Castrejon Castaneda). Her fame gave her the opportunity to participate in a United Nation’s project, which aims to empower female creators. Known for creating beauty and fashion videos, Yuya has a dedicated following of 19.9 million.


#11. VEGETA777

Also a Spanish gamer, Samuel de Luque is one of the few who produces the Internet’s best Minecraft “Let’s Play” content. His channel VEGETA777, which he launched in 2008, has nearly 8 billion views. Apart from being a popular Spanish YouTuber, Luque is also an author of 5 books. His channel is home to 19.9 million subscribers.


#12. Markiplier

American YouTuber Mark Fischbach is into gaming niche and started his channel in 2012. Nowadays, however, he pursues animated parodies and comedic sketches. His talent has helped him amassed a following of 19 million subscribers. Interestingly, Fischbach regularly helps fund a number of charitable causes through merchandise sales and GoFundMe campaigns.


#13. JennaMarbles

Of course, it is a sin not to include Jenna Mourey in this list. After all, she holds a YouTube channel consisting of 17.7 million subscribers. Mourey’s channel was first launched in 2010 and featured her dog Marbles. A couple of years later, Mourey (thanks to her JennaMarbles channel) now has a dog toy line to her name. She had also occasionally appeared in MTV’s Ridiculousness among her other endeavors. From skits to parodies to commentaries, her trademarks continue to help her gain new subscribers each day.