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10 Amazing and Unusual Accessories You’ve Got to Have for Your iPhone

by Megan Roth5 min read

Thanks to the technology available today, your smartphone can do a lot more than ever. With the right accessories, it might be the most important item you own. Here are a few of the accessories on the market which could enhance your phone and make it even more spectacular.


An Old-fashioned External Flash

Wireless Flash For Iphone

Your phone will not only act like a real camera but look like one with this external flash from Concepter. The iBlazr 2 connects to the phone through Bluetooth so all you need to do to capture an image is point and shoot. This accessory puts more light on the subject to create powerful memories even in lower lighting.


The iBlazr 2 on Amazon for $44.99


Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard

Working from anywhere is a little easier with the virtual keyboard. With this little feature from Cellulon, you don’t need a real keyboard. The standard keyboard can be projected onto a flat surface where you can type your message. It doesn’t work quite as fast as using the old-fashioned keyboard, but it allows you to be productive from wherever you are.


Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable Full-Size Virtual Keyboard on Amazon for $88


Extra Storage

Sandisk iXpand Flash Drive

Without the microSD for storage, it can be difficult to save all your photos and other documents. However, this iXpand from Sandisk 64GB can be the solution. The flash dive comes with a USB port and Lightning. You can easily store something on the drive and transfer it to any other device, which is USB compatible.


SanDisk iXPand Flash Drive 64GB for Iphone and iPad on Amazon for $54.99


Shutter Button

bitplay SNAP

You can turn your iPhone into a camera with the SNAP! 7 from bitplay. The shutter button works with the camera app and the case is designed to be durable and hold up to all kinds of use. You might forget that your phone isn’t a traditional point-and-shoot camera.


The SNAP! on Amazon for $52.99



An Attachable Lens


Consider the Loha Life interchangeable lens if you’re interested in serious photography. You can take wide-angle shots as well as macro images with impressive detail. The fact that it has a lifetime warranty only adds to the appeal.


LOHA Lens on Amazon



Powered Gimbal


Make a video that looks like something from the pros with the LanParte gimbal. With the gimbal, you don’t have to worry about shaky video which is normal when held in the hands. The images will be smooth regardless of how much you move, which means you can create fantastic video when you’re rock-climbing, hiking or boating on rough water.


Motorized Handheld Gimbal on Amazon





Know if the wind is right for your next voyage with a portable anemometer, the Yellow Jacket from Weather Flow. You’ll find out the current wind speed in just a few moments with this little gadget. While this device won’t be a necessity for everyone, it’s a fun accessory to have around if you want to own something a little different.


Anemometer on Amazon



Carabiner Charger


Never search for your keys again with the NomadKey, which will keep them right where you can find them. You can also use it to charge your iPhone with the Lightning to USB cable. You can also transmit data to a computer.


NomadKey on Amazon



Heart Rate Monitor


One of the big trends for today is to monitor fitness on the go, and the heart rate monitor from Scosche is one way to do that. The product connects with your phone via Bluetooth. It also syncs with other fitness apps to provide valuable information in your fitness quest. You can find out how many calories you burned on your last run as well as how far and how fast you went. It’s also water-resistant and can last for up to eight hours on the battery. It even transmits data to your phone from 100 feet away.


Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband on Amazon





If you want to make sure you are fit to drive, the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer will tell you. It claims to offer technology which is police grade, and it provides the results through an app on your iPhone. It’s a great gadget to use after you’ve been partying and you’re ready to leave and go home. Just a few minutes, and you’ll know if you should call a taxi instead of driving.



Some of these items are just for fun while others provide a valuable service to enhance your life. All of them are worth considering for your iPhone if you like to own the coolest, latest tech.


This article appeared originally in Business Insider