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Top 6 benefits of assisted living and how it’s changing in 2019

by Ryan Kinnar5 min read

Historically, some seniors have be averse to the term ‘assisted living’, as it brings to mind a lack of privacy and sterile, hospital-like living quarters. However, assisted living has changed quite a bit recently, and seniors are now presented with more options than ever before.


Many assisted living centers are also ushering in a new era of modern, tech-enabled facilities and offering more personalized experiences for residents. Here are few reasons why an assisted living center might be right for you and changes you can expect to see in 2019.


  1. Safety

One of the primary reasons people consider assisted living is that it presents a safer environment for seniors than living alone. Depending on age, health and agility, seniors face certain safety risks like falling or experiencing a health emergency that can worsen without immediate medical assistance. Assisted living centers offer full-time care for both medical issues and everyday assistance with things like household chores, getting dressed and moving around.


  1. Opportunities to meet new friends

One of the side effects of aging is loneliness, which can lead to depression, an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure. It’s important for seniors to meet new people and form new friendships as they age. Assisted living communities offer ample opportunities for meeting people with similar interests, and residents are always surrounded by a community of peers.


  1. Access to new hobbies

It’s never too late to discover a new hobby. In fact, seniors who find new interests or community groups have a lower risk of loneliness and the associated health risks. One of the biggest advantages to assisted living is the multitude of classes, activities, events, entertainment and adult education opportunities available on-site.


  1. No more household work

When moving from a house to an assisted living center, seniors can say goodbye to household and yard work. They no longer need to worry about unexpected shoveling, raking, mowing the lawn and the regular cleaning and maintenance that comes with owning a home.


  1. Convenience of a campus

As seniors age, the ability to move around and commute becomes more difficult. On an assisted living campus, meals, health care, classes, entertainment and a fitness center are often a short walk away. And shuttles are provided to farther buildings and off-site locations. This also eliminates the need for a car and the associated costs of owning one.


  1. Ability to age in place

Though the initial move to an assisted living center might be for the community, activities and convenience of a campus, many seniors eventually need increasingly attentive care. With an assisted living center, seniors can easily more from a more independent space to one that’s more hands-on. The transition is made easy by the center’s staff, eliminating a lot of stress for both the resident and his family.


How assisted living in changing in 2019


Today’s seniors are changing the game of assisted living. Their expectations are different than previous generations and many assisted living centers are adapting to this generation’s demands by shifting their focus to address the needs of the individual. Because there are more seniors than ever before, more centers are opening, driving up the competition. Centers are working hard to attract the best talent to keep residents satisfied. Here are the top three ways assisted living centers are changing.


A focus on wellness and technology

Today’s seniors are living longer and remaining healthier and more independent than previous generations, so their expectations of assisted living are changing. Many centers are responding by providing more options when it comes to the care provided by staff. They’re also creating fitness and spa areas that offer more classes and a focus on wellness. Technology is also being incorporated to assist guests, update family members and help seniors remain healthy and live more comfortably.


Customized communities and services

Because seniors don’t want a one-size-fits-all approach, many centers are working to provide unique amenities and services that appeal to the individual interests of residents. Some centers are even shifting their entire philosophy to appeal to certain groups, like the LGBTQ community, eco-friendly residents or those looking to earn a college degree during retirement.


More comfortable living spaces

Finally, AARP reported that 90 percent of today’s seniors want to age in a home-like atmosphere. Some assisted living centers are now offering larger spaces, multiple floor plans and even spaces that allow residents to choose countertops, flooring or cabinets.


Thought the industry is still evolving, and will likely change with each generation, the increased focus on personalization has made assisted living a more popular option for aging adults.