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The Federal Government Will Pay You To Go Solar

by Megan Roth5 min read

A relatively new government program provides homeowners is specific zip codes in the US with thousands of dollars in tax credits to install solar panels in their homes. This will allow you to save thousands a year on your energy bill and the beauty is that it’s all sponsored by the government.


This government program is called the Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit plan, and this is quite a big deal given the fact that countless of Americans would love to switch to solar but cannot do so because of high costs. The government is encouraging US residents to take advantage of this plan because of the long term benefit to the environment and economy.


By targeting certain zip codes across the US,  through the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit program,  homeowners like you can lease (not buy) solar panels, usually for $0 down, and the government will help you afford the system with generous tax credits and rebates. A huge upside for homeowners.


When Should I Take Advantage of This Tax Credit? 

If you want to lock yourself into 2016’s solar incentives, you have to act now.