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Social Security Office Location – Where Should You Go?

by Ryan Kinnar5 min read
How to reach social security office location

The Social Security Administration has made life easier for its customers by putting most of its information online. You can do almost everything by creating a mySocialSecurity account on the SSA website. However, there are times when you need to go to the Social Security office. For example, if you need to apply for Social Security Disability benefits for your disabled child, you are required present yourself with your child to the Social Security Office located closest to you. This is when you need to know where the Social Security Office location is.



Which is the Social Security Office Location that I need to go to?

The Social Security Administration’s central office in located in Baltimore, Maryland. The SSA is divided into 10 major regional offices and 6 processing centers and has 1,230 field offices spread across the US – this number is added to on a periodic basis. So, how do you find out which location you need to visit? Well, according to Social Security policy, you can visit any location to have your work done. However, you are usually encouraged to visit the Social Security office location closest to where you reside to even out the SSA’s work load and also offer you greater convenience.


Social Security Office location closest to you
Finding the Social Security Office location closest to you is easy.


How do I locate the Social Security Office closest to me?

There are multiple ways in which you can find out which is the closest Social Security office location to your home.

  • You can go to the Social Security Office Locator on the SSA website. However, this locator is only available during working service hours (Eastern Time).
  • You can also log on to the Local Social Security Office locator. You will need to enter your address, city or state for the system to give you the information.
  • You can go manually search for a location on this Social Security Location This site has an exhaustive list of all the locations. You would need to navigate through the links to get the information you are looking for.


Social Security Office Locations Internationally

The Social Security Administration understands that there are a lot of American citizens who work and live abroad. Therefore, the agency has made provisions for their citizens living abroad to have access to Social Security office locations internationally. You can get more information on the Office of Earnings & International Operations home page. Here is a list of SSA office locations in foreign countries.



Contacting Social Security

You can also get in touch with the SSA to get the information you need about Social Security office locations near you. You can call toll-free on the SSA’s customer care line 1-800-772-1213. If you are deaf or have hearing or speech issues, you may called the toll-free TTY number 1-800-325-0778.

You may also email the SSA or you can write a letter addressed to:

Social Security Administration

Office of Public Inquiries

1100 West High Rise

6401 Security Boulevard

Baltimore, MD – 21235