Investing is a powerful tool to increase one’s wealth, but it’s not always easy. Even if you’re a seasoned financial expert, managing an investment portfolio takes time and effort. Motif Investing helps make it easier with three steps.


Build a Portfolio

Motif Investing enables you to create a portfolio from scratch in minutes. The site offers search tools to help investors find companies they are interested in. You can choose a theme, such as healthcare. You can also follow a specific investing style, such as low-risk. You can even create a multi-asset portfolio to mix things up.


If you’re a beginning investor, you can choose from portfolios that have already been set up by the investment team and other investors. The key is to find the right portfolio for your style and needs.


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Automate Investments

If investing is not your primary way of earning income, Motif Investing enables you to automate your trading. You can spread it out over as many accounts as you want and even with multiple portfolios. It only costs a low subscription each month with no other hidden fees or other costs.


A bonus is that you aren’t stuck with a single investment model. You can customize it based on your level of risk and investing style.


Track Investments

The goal is to make money with your investments, and Motif Investing makes it easier. You can quickly find out how the market and economic news is impacting your portfolio. You’ll find out about the latest alerts for trading as well as performance reports to keep track of how your investments are performing.


With various analytical tools to track progress, you can move towards any goals you set. It also allows you to make informed decisions about your investments. This information is ideal for all levels of investors, from the beginner just dabbling in stocks and bonds to the experienced investor who earns their income from their portfolios.


Getting Started

It’s easy to open an account in just minutes with no cost. You can begin trading immediately with instant funding, so you can start earning from day one. If you already have an investment account somewhere else, Motif pays to transfer it at no cost to you.


Motif deals in both non-retirement and retirement accounts. You can set up an individual or joint account or put it in a trust to protect assets. You also have the option of either a traditional IRA or Roth IRA. You can merge a 401K or old IRA into a new account. Even business owners can start saving for retirement with SEP IRAs. With commission-free trades on recurring investments, you keep more of what you earn.


With a low cost and automated system, investing is easy and painless. With unlimited trading, rebalancing and real-time quotes, anyone can get started and begin earning money right away. Motif Investing isn’t just for experienced traders; it’s a great way for anyone to learn to invest and save for the future.


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