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Check if You Qualify for Sperm Donation for a New Stream of Income

by Megan Roth5 min read
Sperm Donation

You need some extra cash to pay off debt, enjoy a few extra luxuries or pay for education. The answer to your dilemma may be donating your sperm. You might end up earning an extra $1,000 per month with this gig, but you must be accepted into the program first. Some men stick with it for several years and earn tens of thousands of dollars – enough to buy a nice sports car or even a house.


What It Takes to be a Sperm Donor

You’ll have to meet some strict requirements to be accepted as a sperm donor. You must be in good health and it’s often required that you not be a smoker. The clinic will review your family history for any genetics issues. You should have a healthy BMI which is usually between 18 and 25. Many clinics require donors to have a college degree or currently in school. Your height will matter as well with minimum requirements at 5’7” or taller.


The staff at the clinic will judge you on your appearance. You should look put-together and you don’t want to be late or you might be turned down. Women or couples are paying a lot of money for a sperm donor and they want the cream of the crop.


If you make it past the initial application process, you’ll need to provide a sperm sample. It will be examined to determine its viability. This entire process will take around 4-5 months. You’ll continue to be tested even after you start donating. This ensures your sperm is healthy. Most clinics limit the number of pregnancies that can come from one donor, which is 25 in the US.


Your Payment

The amount you’re paid will vary by clinic, but you can expect something in the range of $100 or $125 per visit. It’s expected that you will donate at least weekly with the possibility of getting $1000 in a month.


Men can start donating at age 18 and continue up until around 40 years of age as long as they are healthy. Regular screenings will ensure the quality of the sperm meets the standard.


If you donate for one year, you could earn as much as $12,000. Do it for ten years, and that goes up to $120,000. Another ten years and you’re up to $240,000. Men often donate for many years because of the pay.