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This Revolutionary Anti-Aging Cream is Getting Grabbed Up by American Men

Updated December 24, 2017

Imagine if all the anti-aging products that combat eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles could join forces and become a powerful single age defying face cream.


That’s Particle’s core feature, a new face cream engineered for men that’s taken the world by surprise. In fact, it’s becoming so popular, we could barley get it and had to wait a month(!).


So, what’s the hype about? Most men are aren’t into using a shelf load of products to take care of their skin. Particle’s all-in-one face cream features six different benefits in one product. From alleviating eye bags to reducing wrinkles and removing dark spots – Particle proves that buying a single product that does it all is effective and wallet friendly.


What is Particle?

In short, Particle is an anti-aging face cream engineered particularly for men. A research team of expert bio-chemists worked in it for over two years. The mission: to combine six products into one bottle. The result, an easy to use age defying face cream designed to penetrate men’s thick skin.


How does it work?

Like women, men need very specific skin products to maintain elasticity and tone. A man’s skin is thicker than a woman’s, thus making it harder to penetrate. Particle’s formula contains the highest-grade ingredients on the planet, hand-picked for men:
Chinensis plant (Jojoba Oil) – calms and soothes skin
Coffee seed extract – stimulates skin regeneration
Extracts of vitamins A, C and E – slows the aging of the skin
Shea Butter – extremely nourishing and moisturizing for the skin
And the list go on…  Particle includes 12 essential ingredients that have a powerful impact on men’s skin.


Is the hype real?

Since is debut in July 2019, the product has been sold out every month. They’ve amassed a massive amount of fans – from influencers and athletes to everyday men. They receive rave reviews on a daily basis and their followers just can’t get enough. Check it out:



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So it’s been a month since I started using @particleformen and I can say I’ve noticed a difference. This is the skin of a 44 y/o guy who spent his better part of a youth at the beach. It’s so important to have a skin regimen. I can’t stress it enough, men, stop being big babies and thinking skincare isn’t masculine. Looking like your 80 in your 30’s is not a good look! Take care of your skin, and make sure you’re getting your skin checked by a dermatologist if you’re considered high risk. Thanks @particleformen !!!!

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I tried it, and then this happened.

When I first came across Particle’s product, I was skeptical about using a single product for all my needs.


I ordered the product online and got it delivered to my door after two days (I didn’t even pay for shipping). The first thing I noticed was their unique packaging. It comes packed like a new iPhone. A refreshing change from those standard carton boxes.


It took me less than a minute to wash my face and apply the face cream. The immediate result was impressive. First of all – it smelled really good. It has a unique gentle masculine scent. Right after using it, my skin looked fresh and strong.


After a week

After two weeks

Within five weeks


“It comes packed like the new iPhone”


Is it worth the price?

The answer is definitely yes. I’ve been using Particle for almost four months now. I’m very satisfied with the results, and my skin is looking the best it has in years.
If it helps, you can get 2-3 bottles for a cheaper price. To sum it all up: the only downside of Particle is that it wasn’t invented sooner.


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