The days of expensive medical alert systems are coming to an end, and with free trials available, it’s no wonder thousands of Americans are snapping them up.


Thanks to technological advancements in medical alert systems, you or your loved ones can receive help when needed at the push of a button. Moreover, prices have been continuously dropping and can reach less than $1 a day, with many offering 30 day risk free trials.


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Medical alert systems, also known as personal emergency response systems, offer a fast and easy way for the elderly, people with health issues, and those who live alone, to get help during an emergency, whether it be a medical issue, a fall, a fire, or any event that requires an immediate response.


New Technology Has Improved Medical Alert System Features:


Help at a push of a button – the most basic systems allow you to call emergency services for help with a push of a button


Fall detection – new technology allows detection when you fall, and the device calls for help on its own


 Medical monitoring – the system will monitor your vital signs and remind you when medication needs to be taken


 GPS Location – detect your loved one’s location if they are unable to get out and walk or drive


 Home security – certain products may be combined with home monitoring services to warn of carbon monoxide, fire or other hazards


In-Home Movement – motion detectors can monitor your movement inside your home


 Daily Check-in – some of these services require a person to check in daily to ensure they are safe and healthy



Types of Devices

In the past, medical alerts consisted of a button on a watch or necklace you could push to request for help. Now, you can choose waterproof devices or products that can allow you to go outside or even further away from the base and still keep you connected.


These devices allow family members to check in through their smartphone and monitor their loved one’s activities. It’s important to know how the alert works and who is alerted as well as what follow-up steps will be taken. In some programs, a family member is contacted when an alert comes in. Other times, the loved one is called to see if the alert was activated accidentally.



With the many products and services available, you can more easily find a pricing plan that fits your budget. You may need a basic plan for a low price or a more all-inclusive plan for a higher price. Fees can start out at less than $1 per day and many are now offering risk free trials.


If you have a loved one you worry about, a medical alert system can provide peace of mind. Ensure your loved one is being monitored even when you can’t be with them all the time.


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